The Moon Ritual (Shugara) & External Adept

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 That which has not yet been confronted within the psyche of the individual; that which is strange, which lies outside the scope of any world view; that which lies within the Dark Pool beneath the Moon and threatens to devour, create madness. A stage which cannot be ignored if further development is saught, requiring a descent to draw out that which is obscure, fearfully hidden: the gateway to the Abyss. A point from which there is no turning back: that which leads to rebirth via death.


It is minus twenty Celsius outside. Snow is lightly falling from the skies and the Wind is overwhelming and violent. The new moon is timid, the clouds are ominous, masking viciously the stars in the skies. Comfort is an unknown word in such an environment. Every steps are heavy, the snow is reaching my knees and sometimes it penetrate my boots. Moreover, I purposely loaded my bag with various heavy objects which are necessary for the rite.

I traveled through lands and desolated fields, accompanied by dark howlings. Still to this day, I am unsure whether the nocturnal laments were from wild dogs or wolfs. My goal was to reach a hilltop that was naturally standing between two clearings but first, I had to go through the forest. My state of mind was clear and focused but also wary. After two hours of walking, the cold of the night intensified and the wind became unbearable, giving the impression that I was now facing a temperature of minus thirty. I was vibrating the name of Shugara and decided to stab her photo to a tree, then, meditation occurred. After severals minutes of stillness, I continued journeying eastward and finally found the hill I had carefully chosen. Upon arriving, terrible roaring started to awaken in the distance. The unknown beasts I described earlier, were fighting nearby or were warning me not to step further on their territory. I withdrew my knife and grabbed a candle which I lit while walking forward but the howlings seemed to have traveled to the north. I had reached the location and prepared myself for the hardest part of the ritual.

Sacred Tools:

  • Crystal Tetrahedron.
  • Shugara Sigil & Pictures.
  • Tarot.
  • Sinister Imageries.
  • Onyx Rock.
  • Candles 
  • Knife

The Crystal was at my feet, lying in the snow along with my knife. I was holding my onyx rock, chanting, vibrating and focusing on my upcoming working with the seven spheres. The essence of Shugara was present everywhere. It was as if I expected one of her manifestations to appear somewhere in the landscape or at the forest entry. Sometimes, my focus was being torn apart because of the harshness of the climate, fragments of falling icy snow was cutting my cheeks but nevertheless, I endured. Around five o’clock in the morning, suffering from light hypothermia, I packed my tools and journeyed back to civilization. I was feeling exhausted and terribly cold, a little tormented also by the fact that I could not admire the sunrise on the hill as prescribed in the sinister tradition but the fact that it was winter changed the game entirely. Arriving home, the sun was being felt in the horizon. I sat by the fire and started my working with the seven dark spheres as is being described in the initiation. At some point, I also went through the self immolation rite. Which is perfect for a working with the spheres. I kept visualizing how each spheres were tripartite in nature, how the unconscious, the ego and the self, are all represented with alchemical symbols in the star game (Salt-Mercury-Sulphur). How all the steps in the Seven Fold Way, are linked together as are all things in the cosmos (κόσμος). On that matter, it is important to remember that the order tradition was heavily influenced by the Corpus Hermeticum, which have been translated by Myatt, but also the Arabic text Al-Kitab Al-Alfak (which translates as The Book of The Spheres).

“Ontologically, therefore, the seven might somewhat simplistically be described as partaking of what is ‘causal’ (of what is mortal) and the two types of existence beyond the seven as partaking of – as being – ‘acausal’ (of what is immortal). Thus, Pœmandres goes on to say, the former mortal – now immortal – moves on (from this first type of ‘acausal existence’) to become these forces (beyond the ogdoadic physis) to thus finally ‘unite with theos’: αὐτοὶ εἰς δυνάμεις ἑαυ τοὺς παραδιδόασι καὶ δυνάμεις γενόμενοι ἐν θεῷ γίνονται.” These two realms beyond the seven spheres are echoed in Naos, with a description of septenary ‘tree of wyrd’ being symbolically enclosed within a double-tetrahedron: “From an initiated viewpoint, the seven spheres are seen to form a three-dimensional pattern where every sphere is linked to every other twice, although in a physical representation (e.g. a model) the two-fold nature of the connecting paths are shown only for Moon/Saturn, Venus/Mars and Mercury/Jupiter. This three-dimensional structure is considered to lie enclosed within a double-tetrahedron.” This symbolic double-tetrahedron is related to ‘the nine angles’ and thence to the axiom of acausality and thus to the duality of causal and acausal. And it is this axiom of acausality which is central to the O9A’s seven-fold way, as another more pertinent echo of the Pymander text makes clear, which is that, as mentioned previously, Naos states that “the goal of sentient life is to […] become part of the acausal (i.e. ‘immortal’ when seen from the causal). Initiation, and ‘the Mysteries’ (i.e. the seven-fold Way), are the means to achieve this.” Thus, in the septenary tradition of the Order of Nine Angles the realms beyond the seven spheres are described in terms of acausality, as being part of the acausal, with the mortal – having successfully undertaken their journey along the seven-fold way – entering into a new and immortal existence in the realms (or universes) of the acausal. For, although, the singular ‘acausal’ and terms such as ‘acausal realm’ are often used, it is noted in Naos that “generally the singular is used to avoid semantic complications, although the Septenary tradition accepts the near certainty that many such ‘acausal’ universes exist to compliment ‘our’ causal universe.” -David Myatt Perusing/The Seven Fold Way.

After all was completed, I went to sleep, along with the rising sun. Later that day, I wrote in my journal what I had experienced in my dreams and what my working with the spheres accomplished within me.

“For the O9A it is the voyage, the quest, the exeatic living, the experiencing, the
learning from pathei-mathos, that are important. And the septenary anados is,
according to the O9A, one exquisite means to access that (a-causal) energy that
vitalizes, that presences (and which-is) the essence of life, and which,
intoxicating us with a prospect of immortality, can betake us to be, to become, a
new type of being.” -David Myatt/Historical Origins Of The Septenary System Of The Order of Nine Angles.

It is of utmost importance to note that at that point in time, I had no companion to meditate with, nor to play the star game. Thus, the third part of the rite of the external adept shall be accomplished in the future. Also, for clearer explanations on the nature of the symbols and the tripartite nature of the spheres, refer yourself to my revised table of correspondences.

-Beldam 128 yf


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