A Glimpse of Pathei Mathos

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A few days ago, I woke up anxious. one of our four cats which was fifteen years old, was missing. He had been absent all night. I dressed up and went outside to search around. It was a cold morning with a grey sky, everything was burdened by a layer of ice. My beloved companion was nowhere to be found. Persistent, I decided to go to my neighbor’s backyard as I knew he enjoyed to go there once in a while. My companion was then found, eyes wide open, floating dead in the pool. His body, frozen like a rock. We proceeded during the day to honor him and bury him in a secret location. I had exchanged love and good moments with this being for fifteen years. All that creature ever asked was more and more contact, more love and caresses. In the afternoon, our neighbor came knocking at our door. He mentioned he had found a dead cat in his pool to which we confirmed and explained the terrible event. But then, something became apparent, something that seemed impossible but was unfortunately very real. The cat he was talking about was not fitting the description of the one we had lost in the morning, it was fitting the description of our younger one. A black furred male, two years old of age. Trembling with fear, we all rushed to the pool, hoping that it was a mistake but it was not. Our second cat had also drowned himself just a few hours after we had put the dead elder in the ground. Terribly afflicted, we buried him with his brother the next day, in the same location.

After all of this, natural reactions occurred; ”Grief, remorse, frustrations, pain we were also very skeptical of our neighbor.” Did he poison and kill our companions or was there a natural/supernatural explanation? In all honesty, I believe the older one died accidentally and while dead in the pool, released himself of his bodily fluids. The odor being strong, our youngest cat was attracted to the pool, probably recognizing the identity of his departed brother – just plain bad luck.

So why am I sharing this at all? Because this site is about self honesty. Because death is part of the earthly experience. Because it relates to Pathei Mathos (πάθει μάθος). Because it shows how empathy and love are beyond all those role playing games we consciously or unconsciously play for the sake of our own self pride. I am also aware that some individuals will opine that:

a) The loss I have experienced is nothing compared to what some others went through.

b) That animals do not have the same worth as humans and that losing them should not be a big deal.

c) That I might also be accused of being an hypocrite as I weep over my domestic companions but consume meat occasionally.

To the first observation, I would reply that pain is an experience lived differently by every individuals because of their personal weltanschauung and unique anados (ἄνοδος). I’ve also had many acquaintances with such emotions like when my little cousin, which I was very close to, was hit by a car and killed upon impact. The woman that educated me and loved me as a mother for twelve years died of cancer a few years ago. My dear grandmother also left us after a long struggle with alzheimer’s. Of course, there is a great deal of tragedies in the world of which I dare not talk about because of my lack of understanding concerning them and so I shall remain silent, for talking with ignorance could cause harm and frustrations in regard to those who lived such horrors.

To the second observation, I would accuse the lack of empathy that led to such a conclusion and would suggest such an individual to become up-to-date with current researches concerning this matter. I would also suggest such an individual to undertake the rite of Internal adept and go live six months in nature or, as I have done, work on a traditional/rural farm for two to three years, mostly alone, which brings to light certain elements that can be experienced in the way of the rounwytha or, a deep connection with nature.

As for the last observation, I admit having been blind to the unity that connects all things together. I admit that, because of the lack of necessary proximity I did not take interest (emphatically) in the fate of other, distant beings and that for the sake of my personal success, I was strengthening such dangerous conceptions. Although I have always been aware of such eco-principles and limited my meat consumptions to the minimum, I now understand I could/can do more and will act accordingly.

On such matters, here is a quote from David Myatt recent writings;

“Of understanding ourselves in that supra-personal, and cosmic, perspective that empathy, honour, and pathei-mathos – and thus an awareness of the numinous and of the acausal – incline us toward, and which understanding is: (i) of ourselves as a finite, fragile, causal, viatorial, microcosmic, affective effluvium of Life (ψυχή) and thus connected to all other living beings, human, terran, and non-terran, and (ii) of there being no supra-personal goal to strive toward because all supra-personal goals are and have been just posited – assumed, abstracted – goals derived from the illusion of ipseity, and/or from some illusive abstraction, and/or from that misapprehension of our φύσις that arises from a lack of empathy, honour, and pathei-mathos. For a living in the moment, in a balanced – an empathic, honourable – way, presences our φύσις as conscious beings capable of discovering and understanding and living in accord with our connexion to other life; which understanding inclines us to avoid the hubris that causes or contributes to the suffering of other life, with such avoidance a personal choice not because it is conceived as a path toward some posited thing or goal – such as nirvana or Jannah or Heaven or after-life – and not because we might be rewarded by God, by the gods, or by some supra-personal divinity, but rather because it manifests the reality, the truth – the meaning – of our being. The truth that (i) we are (or we are capable of being) one affective consciously-aware connexion to other life possessed of the capacity to cause suffering/harm or not to cause suffering/harm, and (ii) we as an individual are but one viator manifesting the change – the being, the φύσις – of the Cosmos/mundus toward (a) a conscious awareness (an aiding of ψυχή), or (b) stasis, or (c) as a contributor toward a decline, toward a loss of ψυχή. Thus, there is a perceiveration of our φύσις; of us as – and not separate from – the Cosmos: a knowledge of ourselves as the Cosmos presenced (embodied, incarnated) in a particular time and place and in a particular way. Of how we affect or can affect other effluvia, other livings beings, in either a harmful or a non-harming manner. An apprehension, that is, of the genesis of suffering and of how we, as human beings possessed of the faculties of reason, of honour, and of empathy, have the ability to cease to harm other living beings. Furthermore, and in respect of the genesis of suffering, this particular perceiveration provides an important insight about ourselves, as conscious beings; which insight is of the division we mistakenly but understandably make, and have made, consciously or unconsciously, between our own being – our ipseity – and that of other living beings, whereas such a distinction is only an illusion – appearance, hubris, a manufactured abstraction – and the genesis of such suffering as we have inflicted for millennia, and continue to inflict, on other life, human and otherwise.” -David Myatt

My intuition also tells me that many will try to condemn the recent writings of Myatt for a plethora of reasons; He does not exist, his rejection of extremism is just another insight role, It is a mundane trap, everything has been inventend by a cyberland clique (…) To such speculations I would argue that it does not matter one bit. Personal pathei Mathos and anados will determine the veracity of Myatt statements and their significance. Truth is, most of these individuals do not care themselves about the cause. It is the effects of Myatt current writings that bothers them so much. Simply because it makes them feel guilty, it is an attack to their belief(s), to that meaningless role they gave themselves and want to justify at all cost so they can look sinister and perfectly immaculate to their cyber friends. Being self honest, would these individuals exchange such a meaningless role for the interaction that is love and empathy, for the relationship with their family and friends? I am confident they would not.

“What I painfully, slowly, came to understand, via pathei-mathos, was the importance – the human necessity, the virtue – of love, and how love expresses or can express the numinous in the most sublime, the most human, way. Of how extremism (of whatever political or religious or ideological kind) places some abstraction, some ideation, some notion of duty to some ideation, before a personal love, before a knowing and an appreciation of the numinous. Thus does extremism – usurping such humanizing personal love – replace human love with an extreme, an unbalanced, an intemperate, passion for something abstract: some ideation, some ideal, some dogma, some ‘victory’, some-thing always supra-personal and always destructive of personal happiness, personal dreams, personal hopes; and always manifesting an impersonal harshness: the harshness of hatred, intolerance, certitude-of-knowing, unfairness, violence, prejudice. Thus, instead of a natural and a human concern with what is local, personal and personally known, extremism breeds a desire to harshly interfere in the lives of others – personally unknown and personally distant – on the basis of such a hubriatic certitude-of-knowing that strife and suffering are inevitable. For there is in all extremists that stark lack of personal humility, that unbalance, that occurs when – as in all extremisms – what is masculous is emphasized and idealized and glorified to the detriment (internal, and external) of what is muliebral, and thus when some ideology or some dogma or some faith or some cause is given precedence over love and when loyalty to some manufactured abstraction is given precedence over loyalty to family, loved ones, friends. For I have sensed that there are only changeable individual ways and individual fallible answers, born again and again via pathei-mathos and whose subtle scent – the wisdom – words can neither capture nor describe, even though we try and perhaps need to try, and try perhaps (as for me) as one hopeful needful act of a non-religious redemption.”  -David Myatt

As for I, yes I follow the seven fold way, yes I feel inclined toward National Socialism and gathered/explored similar perspectives throughout my juvenile journey. But I always felt no attachment to such perspectives, such categories for reasons outlined in my previous articles. Also, I knew, somehow that these tools were just that and could not replace the power of certain intuitive interactions such as love, empathy, loyalty, honor. There is now a certain determinism to my anados as I know I have to keep going with such paths (7FW/NS) so I can learn from my own pathei mathos, go beyond my former self and overcome fears. But I am conscious that all of this is done with the impetuous and masculous drive of a young man that has everything to learn from the world. I am also conscious that such tools/roles are devoid of sens/utility when they are confronted to loss. Maybe I will come to a conclusion similar to David Myatt over time, maybe not at all, such will be mine to decide and, of course, yours as well in regard to your unique journey.

There is no saint without a past, and no sinner without a future.” -Mahavatar

-Beldam 128 yf

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