The Lord of Earth Ritual (Kthunae)

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The nature of the changes in the causal, beyond the actions of those who initiated them; how the acausal relates dynamically to the causal and vice-versa (‘Sinister Dialectic’). The flowing of energies according to the greater Wyrd and Destinies of those directly and indirectly involved – thus, the presence of unforeseen factors and the pitfalls implicit in this which may create errors of judgement. The maintaining of an ethos or ‘tradition’ via timeless acts.


During the Winter, I traveled with an associate to the center of Montreal where we reached an abandoned factory. The biggest one in the area and certainly one of the oldest. Local rumors has it that the building his home to many illegal activities and satanic rituals since its desertions, a few decades ago. After hopping a rusty fence, we moved discreetly toward the exterior walls, watching around, making sure nobody had seen us. Then, we crouched in the snow. The only entrance still available to penetrate in this castle of rust and dust is a claustrophobic rectangular window, under an extension in the building structure. To get in, you have to make sure to put your head sideways and kiss the ground while your feet are desperately searching for a solid spot. In there, everything was frozen which was fortunate. During summer, the entrance is comparable to an aquarium with stagnant water up to your chest. Armed with flashlights, we explored for hours and went up to the top, looking at the city from above. The wind was terribly cold, even though we were dressed properly. Sometimes, the ladders were so damaged we had to find ways to climb on the roofs to reach another level. The only beings we ever encountered were pigeons, living at the castle summit or inside the decaying machines. We did notice some satanic symbols, carved on the walls and some pile of rocks, placed as if for a ritual with candles but nothing too fancy. Dust was present in such quantities that it was numbing every breaths, it seemed surreal. Sometimes, in the darkest corridors, a rock would fall or a rat would move in a canal, creating a sinister echo that seemed to stretch to the bottom of our soul. We could wander in darkness for hours, in complete silence, thinking about the fact that years ago, this place was as lively as a gymnasium or a park. Now, it was nothing but a modern graveyard.

Sacred Tools:

  • Crystal Tetrahedron.
  • Kthunae Sigil & Picture.
  • Onyx Rock.
  • Order of nine angles symbol.
  • The sinister tradition book.

You shall find a suitable area, in complete darkness at the center of the building or in a lighted room, close to a window depending on your preference. Get on your knees and display your sacred tools in front of you. When this is completed, start focusing on the sigil of Kthunae for as long as you wish. Close your eyes and imagine it as if it was a dark constellation. When the sigil is clear in your mind, let yourself dive in the analysis of Richard Moult tarot artwork associated with Kthunae; Lord of earth. This can be done with the suggested printed picture or in the book; the sinister tradition. Take some time thinking about how the subconscious (Acausal) is always active, acting like a hidden program, how in someways, we are both predator and prey to these ever-flowing energies/entities. It is even more so palpable in such a sinister location, where only memories dwell and dark shadows. Read the Lord of earth poem out loud three times, let every words sink into your mind as deep as possible. Then, taking your crystal quartz tetrahedron in your hands, start vibrating the word “Kthunae” as prescribed in the sinister tradition. Repeat it until you feel its presence, the dark entity that feeds off opfers or unwary practitioners. Imagine it, leeching itself to you, so it can act upon the tranquil pool of your inner self or, to use one of Austin Osman Spare words; act upon your KIA.

“Kia is the consciousness, it is the elusive “I” which confers self-awareness but does not seem to consist of anything itself. Kia can sometimes be felt as ecstasy or inspiration, but it is deeply buried in the dualistic mind. It is mostly trapped in the aimless wanderings of thought and in the identification with experience and in that cluster of opinions about ourselves called ego. Magic is concerned with giving the Kia more freedom and flexibility and with providing means by which it can manifest its occult power” -Peter J Caroll.

When you have the feeling that something lashed itself to your subconscious and will stimulate changes in the upcoming days or weeks, you may cautiously get your sacred tools back in your bag. While walking back toward the entrance of the building, keep your onyx rock in hand and insist on certain thoughts such as you, leaving a part of your essence/soul in this place, so it can act upon your psyche forever. Of course, the aim of this exeatic experience is to forge “Satanic character” and go beyond your fears. To stimulate what could be described as “Enantiodromia” and forcefully desynchronize your orbit, be it for a moment, so you can learn from performing an ordeal that is out of the comfort zone.  It is risky, dangerous physically and psychologically,  but the impact it shall have on your subconscious is tremendous. Your dreams will be affected as if you had brought back something from the astral plane, hence why it is of utmost importance that you write down what you will experience during the night. As for myself, I dreamed of demonic possession for days and thus, later felt that I had extirpated all the cancerous energies that had been cumulated inside myself for years. A violent cleansing and an orgasmic transmutation; in darkness, ever deeper, recall…

“The essence that Satanism leads the individual towards, via action, is only ever revealed by that participation which action is. Words, whether written or spoken, can never describe that essence – they can only hint at it, point toward it, and often serve to obscure the essence. Satanism strips away the appearance of ‘things’ – living, Occult and otherwise by this insistence on experience, unaided. What is thus apprehended by such experience, is unique to each individual and thus is creative and evolutionary. Discussions, meetings, talks, even books and such like, de-vitalize: they are excuses for not acting.” -David Myatt

-Beldam 128 yf


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