Time & Alchemical Seasons

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Important Note: These points were written by David Myatt and are part of a MSS called: Alchemical Seasons and The Fluxions of Time.


1. Time is Numinous [2] – that is, of living beings, and thus biological not linear

(of-causality). Therefore Time cannot be re-presented or measured by a fixed causal calendar, solar, lunar, or otherwise.

1.1 Thus, Time varies according to Physis. That is, varies according to the nature, the character, of the living entity that manifests – presences – it.

2. There are a variety of different species of Time.

2.1 Thus, our species of Time differs from that of the other living entities/beings /emanations, Earth-dwelling or otherwise.

3. Time is a fluxion. That is, Time is already inherent in living beings, part of their physis.

3.1 Each living being has a Fluxion appropriate to – which re presents/manifests

/presences – its physis and thus which is appropriate to/manifests its type/species of life.

3.1.1 Thus, linear time – as measured by a fixed causal calendar and/or as

defined by such things as the ratio of distance and velocity of a physical object – is Appearance/Abstraction not Reality.

3.1.2 Such linear time thus re-presents only the causal physis/nature of material objects/matter and thus manifests the physis/nature of the causal.

3.2 A Fluxion manifests what is a-causal. That is, how a particular living being changes/develops/manifests.

3.2.1 A Fluxion has an outer (exoteric) appearance and an inner (esoteric)nature/physis. The outer appearance is how the being is perceived to change/develop /grow/decay. The inner nature is how the being may, might, or could, change/develop /grow/decay by the use of traditional/esoteric/alchemical arts/skills. A knowing of this inner nature is a gift of the Rounwytha. This gift can be cultivated by the development and use of esoteric empathy.

3.3 Since Time is a Fluxion, and alchemical, a Rounwytha may be able to alter/change/manipulate/weave Time.

Alchemical Seasons

4. An Alchemical Season is a means of measuring/determining/knowing fluxions, and thus a means of knowing living beings and how they change or could be changed.

5.1 Thus, an Alchemical Season is often what is the best/appropriate ‘season’ to know/get-to-know/celebrate particular emanations presenced to us as living beings, or particular collocations of such beings, and/or the ‘season’ to initiate a particular change or changes.

6. This ‘season’ varies according to the nature/species/type of being/living-entity /emanation, and often differs from individual emanation to individual emanation of each type/species.

7. Knowledge of Alchemical Seasons is both traditional/aural and found/discovered by each Rounwytha.

8.1 It is for each Rounwytha to determine the veracity or otherwise of such aural tradition by their own personal knowing.

9.1.1 This knowing derives from esoteric-empathy.

10. One such collocation of emanations/living-beings is Nature.

10.1 This particular collocation contains a wide variety of types of being.

11. Another such collocation of emanations is the Cosmos.

11.1 This particular collocation contains entities/life having acausal emanations/acausal-being, entities having causal-acausal emanations/being, and entities manifesting causal emanations (a causal-being).

11.1.2 Acausal-causal beings/emanations are nexions between causal and acausal.

12. The beginning and the ending of certain Alchemical Seasons are often associated with, or intimated by, certain observed natural or cosmic phenomena.

12.1 These associations and intimations are often locale-dependant and usually subject to Cosmic and Aeonic drift.

12.2 Such observed phenomena include those connected with Nature and those connected with ‘heavenly bodies’, that is, with the Cosmos.

12.2.1 Those connected with Nature include the behaviour of Earth-dwelling living beings, sentient and otherwise; the fluxion of Nature’s seasons, and certain patterns of or certain phenomenon of ‘the weather’.

12.2.2 Those connected with the Cosmos include the observed rhythm of star-collocations (constellations); the occultation of Sun by Moon, and of certain stars by Moon; the observed rhythm of observable planets; and the first rising of certain stars above the horizon of the Rounwytha as determined by the fluxion of Nature’s seasons.

12.3 Such associations with observed natural or cosmic phenomena do not mean or imply that such phenomena cause or are the origin of the changes, the fluxion, of living-beings.

12.4 Associations/intimations connected with Nature are sometimes known as Earth Tides.

12.4.1 Associations/intimations connected with the Cosmos are sometimes known as Cosmic Tides.

13. Certain Alchemical Seasons form the natural calendar used by the Rounwytha.

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