A Scent, only a Scent of Unity

real 3

In the first two decades of my short earthy life, I have attempted to find something of philosophical value through a variety of different mediums: Poetry, Logic, Reason, Intuition, Politic and many other abstractions. I did all of this only to keep discovering over and over again that my conclusions had already been discovered and expressed in a better way by many others. At first, I was seeking a universal paradigm or in other words, a framework that could be applied to all of “our” experiences, something that could not be contradicted. Over time, I realized that this struggle was in vain and I abandoned this idea and kept searching (unlike many other philosophers), stoping here and there, never satisfied of concepts, albeit a few favorites that kept coming back. It is only after going through certain tragedies, that it seemed, were part of my πάθει μάθος and my Örlog that I felt freed from  ὕϐρις and all the roles I kept playing to force myself into creating new worlds to fit my arrogance. Roles that, without the teachings of many philosophers, authors and saints like: Mahavatar Babaji, David Myatt, Ananda Mayi, Allan Kardec, Trailanga, Wittgenstein, Nelson Goodman, Heraclitus, Sophocle, Plato, Dostoïevski, Pierre Chicoine, John Stuart Mill, Descartes, Nietzsche, Protagoras, Spinoza, Kenneth Mills and many others… Could have led me to perhaps commit the same errors as described in Myatt testimonies. Here, I do not claim to have discovered truth, not any more than he did,  but I see the limits of human made worlds and how much there is a price to pay for abiding to them. They distract us of all that really matters for the sake of personal and meaningless victories. Only through πάθει μάθος can one rise above false dichotomies and come to realize the importance in what is wordless. Here is a list of gathered writings that profoundly touched me and echoed through various episodes of my short journey. I still feel sometimes that I cannot understand them entirely, not through reason that is, but my heart does. Like Myatt has said, a scent of the unity of the κόσμος.

-Beldam, 128 yf


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