real 3

Ontologically speaking, everything is human-made. There is no such thing as stars, trees, ants (…) We have created these worlds and it could have been anything else. When people endorse a certain ISM, they are consciously or unconsciously playing a game with fixed goals and rules that is part of the chosen ISM (world). If they switch to another ISM, the rules and goals for rightness/wrongness changes. Thus, it is easy to perceive how our creations should only be fitting imminent functionalities; Understanding each other, communicating, scientific discoveries (…) There will always be a numinous aspect to it all but we will never be able to convey it with our words, our worlds.

“Never mind mind, essence is not essential, and matter does not matter.” -Nelson Goodman

Maybe, deep down, we understand each others perfectly, with something more pure than constructs. I am done with worlds, even the ones I deem superior to others or more appropriate to the current aeon, for I might be entirely wrong, propagating ignorance. In fact, I might be doing that just now but at least, my conclusions are imbued with temperance. If you are to choose certain worlds for functional purposes, use them wisely, remaining conscious of their limits and their incapacity for absolutes. Use them as tools, so they serve their righteous purpose. The impression that the wordless, the numinous and the cosmic unity can be lowered to our fallible perspective is arrogance in itself. Love, empathy, compassion, selfless altruism and honor cannot be weighted down by manufactured abstractions and human-made tools.

-Beldam, 128 yf

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