A Mirror of Your Wyrd

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The Crystal Quartz Tetrahedron is not only a spectator in your rituals, it is also a safebox that will hold the memories and the essence of your praxis for milleniums to come. While an important part of the order of nine angles tradition, the use of crystals during rituals is traced back to ancient Sumerians and is known to have been used in every spiritual aspects of every cultures throughout the world. It is my personal belief that your crystal Quartz is a mirror to your Wyrd and holds the magnitude of your alchemical changes.

“Exoterically, Wyrd can be considered to be the Cosmic fates of the individual (note the plural, due to the partly acausal nature of Wyrd), as opposed to the simple, causal/linear, Destiny (fate) of the individual, and which Destiny can be dis-covered by means of the Rite of Internal Adept.” -O9A Glossary of Terms

My crystal was nearby when I entwined myself with my loved one. Our passion, crystallized forever. It was also purposely placed where someone had died of a stroke, in an ancient two hundred years old castle, now known to be haunted. It was held in my hands during the ascenscion of certain Canadian mountains and visited many villages from far away. It herd me chant and vibrate in many layers of tones in the darkness of the forest, while presencing Shugara. It saw the stars glitter in the dark both during the harshest winters and the blissful summers. It heard echoes in abandoned illegal buildings, where past souls worked mindlessly or individuals lived carelessly. It felt flows of my hate as well as the renewal of certain things considered to be lost. It endured my enantiodromia, my energetical intrusions, my blood and so on. My life itself is witchcraft and this tool is a testimony of my practical experiences. My efforts to go beyond boundaries, to taste a life of heresy, to make use of certain concepts and roles as tools to experience this or that, to philosophically explore and ultimately, transform myself entirely… If not lost or broken, this charged instrument will be given to my descendant(s) for I cannot imagine a better way to give my heart to my offspring(s) and to inspire them to just be. Going beyond false dichotomies, beyond denotatum is not an intellectual process, it is in essence wordless and apprehended practically. It is out there, waiting for you. Do not fear daring, dare fearing. As Myatt said, you are only a cosmic effluvium.

-Beldam, 128 yf

3 thoughts on “A Mirror of Your Wyrd

  1. While a tetrahedron is the optimal shape for a quartz crystal, quartz pyramids can also be obtained for 20-150 dollars depending on the size. That can be a good investment for people who are not ready to spend as much as others have.
    Question: how much did your tetrahedron cost?


    1. Thank you V.K. Jehannum for taking the time to read the article. Crystal Quartz Tetrahedron are indeed expensive both online and in real life. Mine was bought at Salem, Massachusetts where esoteric boutiques abounds… Since the woman had no problems importing them, she could allow herself to sell them very cheap. I bought mine for 80$ and I have seen comparable crystals go for over 500$. With time and efforts, one can find a suitable piece with a reasonable price. Cheers!

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