Table of Spheres Correspondences (Revised)

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Important notice: It is my personal opinion that the table of spheres correspondences found in Naos is a mess that will delay any ritualistic preprations and leave the practitioner wasting a valuable amount of time, assembling all the correspondences to a particular sphere. I decided to unite all the content for each respective spheres so it is now easier to work with the tripartite nature of the spheres and their appropiate set of tools or symbols. For further informations on each individual tarot cards, please refer to the linked pdf file below.

Sinister Tarot


The tripartite Atu attributions: Atu 18: The Moon (Shugara) // Atu 15: Deofel (Noctulius) // Atu 13: Death (Nythra).

Form: Night.

Word: Noctulius & Nox.

Colour: Blue & Silver.

Key: G Major.

Modes: Dorian (IV).

Incense: Petrichor & Hazel.

Tree: Hazel.

Stone: Quartz.

Symbol: Horned Beast.

Shape: Trapezoid.

Star: Sirius.

Season: Aries.

Element: 1

Appropriate Workings: Hidden Knowledge. Also work of terror and sinister knowledge.

Magickal Workings: Shamanism.

Alchemical Process: Calcination.


The tripartite Atu attributions: Atu 0: Physis (Ga Wath Am) // Atu 8: Change (Nekalah) // Atu 16: War (Abatu).

Form: Indulgence.

Word Satan & Lucifer.

Colour: Yellow & Black.

Key: E Minor.

Modes: Hypodorian or Aeolian (VI)

Incense: Sulphur & Yew.

Tree: Yew.

Stone: Opal.

Symbol: Inverted pentagram.

Shape: Tetrahedron.

Star: Arcturus.

Season: Scorpio.

Element: 2

Appropriate Workings: Lust & Indulgence. Also work of transformation(s).

Magickal Workings: Ceremonial ritual.

Alchemical Process: Separation.


The tripartite Atu attributions: Atu 6: The Lovers (Karu Samsu) // Atu 14: Hel (Aosoth) // Atu 17: The Star (Nemicu).

Form: Ecstacy.

Word: Darkat & Hirilu.

Colour: Green & White.

Key: F Sharp.

Modes: Mixolydian (V).

Incense: Sandalwood & Black Poplar.

Tree: Poplar.

Stone: Emerald.

Symbol: Dragon.

Shape: Pyramid.

Star: Mira.

Season: iiiiiiiiiii

Element: 3

Appropriate Workings: Love & Enchantement. Also work of ecstasy and love

Magickal Workings: Trance; sex.

Alchemical Process: Coagulation.


The tripartite Atu attributions: Atu 7: Azoth (Satanas) // Atu 12: Opfer (Vindex) // Atu 5: The Master (Atazoth).

Form: Vision.

Word: Karu Samsu & Lux.

Colour: Orange & Gold.

Key: D Minor.

Modes: Hypolidian (VII & VIII)

Incense: Oak.

Tree: Oak.

Stone: Amethyst.

Symbol: Eagle.

Shape: Cuboid.

Star: Antares.

Season: jjjj

Element: 4

Appropriate Workings: Prophecy & Revelations. Also work of Vision and understanding.

Magickal Workings: Oracle; dance.

Alchemical Process: Putrefaction.


The tripartite Atu attributions: Atu 1: The Magickian (Binan Ath) // Atu 4: Lord of Earth (Kthunae) // Atu 9: The Hermit (Sauroctonos).

Form: Blood.

Word: Shugara & Azif.

Colour: Red & Blue.

Key: C Major.

Modes: Hypophrygian or Ionian (III)

Incense: Musk.

Tree: Alder.

Stone: Ruby.

Symbol: Inverted Septagon.

Shape: Octahedron.

Star: Rigel.

Season: Libra.

Element: 5

Appropriate Workings: Death & Destruction. Also work of Destruction and sacrifice.

Magickal Workings: Sacrifice.

Alchemical Process: Sublimation.


The tripartite Atu attributions: Atu 11: Desire (Lidagon) // Atu 3: Mistress of the Earth (Davcina) // Atu 2: High Priestess (Mactoron).

Form: Azoth.

Word: Davcina & Azoth.

Colour: Violet & Crimson.

Key: B Flat.

Modes: Lydian (I)

Incense: Civit & Beech.

Tree: Beech.

Stone: Amber.

Symbol: Star Game.

Shape: Icosahedron.

Star: Deneb.

Season: Capricorn.

Element: 6

Appropriate Workings: Wealth & Success. Also work of wisdom.

Magickal Workings: Star game.

Alchemical Process: Fermentation.


The tripartite Atu attributions: Atu 10: Wyrd (Azanigin) // Atu 19: The Sun (Velpecula) // Atu 20: Aeon (Naos).

Form: Chaos.

Word: Vindex & Chaos.

Colour: Indigo & Purple.

Key: A Flat.

Modes: Phrygian (II)

Incense: Henbane & Ash.

Tree: Ash.

Stone: Diamond.

Symbol: –

Shape: Dodecahedron.

Star: Naos.

Season: –

Element: 7

Appropriate Workings: Chaos & Disruption.

Magickal Workings: –

Alchemical Process: Exaltation


New Addition (2016/11/08): The following excerpt from Hostia (P.166) was correctly observed by my good friend, ‘Alexander Morain’ and should be taken into consideration when planning a ritual. It is thus clear that there is a tripartite nature to the Incenses as well:


Incenses Tripartite.png


-Beldam, 128 yf




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