The Physis Ritual (Ga Wath Am)

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The gradual unfolding of nature; the source of Evolution, that which creates Wyrd. The essence behind the appearance of things. Ga wath am: the Power within me is Great.

It is not surprising that I chose ‘Physis’ for one of my first ‘dark pathways’. The word encapsulate perfectly the many ontological features of being(s), both in the causal and acausal spectrum:

“The divine is all of that mixion: renewance of the cosmic order through Physis
For Physis is presenced in the divine.” -Ιερός Λόγος

I believe it is limited to observe the true essence of this word according to the unique perspective of Aristotle, Plato or Heraclitus. It is my opinion that all of them were right in their own ways. It is rather a synthesis of their unique perspective that can lead to a perceiveration of what φύσις truly hints at:

In the philosophy of pathei-mathos, physis is used contextually to refer to:

(i) the ontology of beings, an ontology – a reality, a ‘true nature ‘- that is often obscured by denotatum and by abstractions, both of which conceal physis;
(ii) the relationship between beings, and between beings and Being, which is of us – we mortals – as a nexion, an affective effluvium (or emanation) of Life (ψυχή) and thus of why ‘the separation of- otherness’ is a concealment of that relationship;
(iii) the character, or persona, of human beings, and which character – sans denotatum – can be discovered (revealed, known) by the faculty of empathy;
(iv) the unity – the being – beyond the division of our physis, as individual mortals, into masculous and muliebral;
(v) that manifestation denoted by the concept Time, with Time considered to be an expression/manifestation of the physis of beings. -Toward understanding Physis.

This ritual is an introspection, very meditative in nature. It aims at defining very clearly what is, what was and what should be but also to develop empathy and self-honesty. The first step is to prepare your altar and get ready mentally. Everything has to be very clean and ordered and so should you. Take a cold shower and dress lightly. It is also suggested to lie on a thick black sheet since this ritual may be longer and might require you to lay down on your back as part of the assimilation process. When you are ready, bask in the darkness. Your only source of light should be a few candles and nothing more. Dark ambient music is also highly recommended but nothing that stimulates the mind too much.

Sacred Tools:

  • Crystal Tetrahedron.
  • Evocative Sigil of your subconscious.
  • Weeping Willow Stick.
  • Tarot Deck.
  • Sulphur Incense.
  • Candles.
  • Animal Bones.
  • Serpent Skin.
  • A Black Pen.
  • A Paper to Draw On.
  • Onyx Black Stone.
  • Flower Petals.

Start by vibrating ‘Ga Wath Am’ and breathe rapidly. You should feel calm physically but enervated mentally. Think about your achievements and failures and the many things you still have to accomplish. The first thirty minutes of the ritual requires you to draw an evocative sigil representing your subconscious. To do this, help yourself with the candles by getting them closer to your paper. Burn the tip of your weeping willow stick until it turns black and then draw with it. Your sigil will start smelling just like your sulphur incense which will stimulate your senses.

The more you draw, the more you will become aware of who you are and what you have to become. You should feel fulfilled with your own essence, your own values. If you feel connected solely to something ‘sinister’ or solely to something ‘numinous’, then your connection to your own φύσις is not profound enough and you must keep vibrating and breathing. You should feel beyond opposites.

When this particular state is achieved and your drawing is completed, put it at the center of your altar and consecrate it with the bones, the flower petals and the serpent skin. While doing this, keep your mind focused on the concept of ‘ourobouros’ or ‘spiral’ which the archetype for would be ‘Leviathan’. This will generate thoughts of reincarnation, renewal and stimulate alchemical changes within.

Blow every candles but one and start breathing in darkness, with your crystal quartz in one hand and your onyx black stone in the other. You may lay on your back and breathe until you succumb to sleep, giving free reign to your subconscious so it can give birth to the necessary alterations. You may also remain sitting for a few hours and try to attain a gnostic state if desired. When you feel centered and in perfect harmony, conscious of what is accomplished and what remains to be done, have a tarot spread and note the results in your journal.

It is hard to know what to expect from such ritual. Changes might occur suddenly or much later in your anados (ἄνοδος). Each φύσις is different and should be apprehended as such. Can you be honest and apprehend yourself correctly? Make no mistake, there is also a ‘labyrinthos mythologicus’ within and so beware not to get lost…

-Beldam, 128 yf




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