My dear and heavenly child,
Now blighted by some sickness unknown…
Or hexed by demons untold,


Have you been playing in the wild,
Forgetting to be mild?
Or have you skipped prayers,
Before your eyes blurred?


I know not what caused such a bitter fate,
Something that even I, cannot alleviate.


The lord has abandoned our souls!


Men yell blasphemous words,
Comparing us both to witches and ghouls,
And other things I wish I had never heard…


And so,
During one foggy twilight,
In this forsaken forest,
I lost all hope for light,
To one day again be blessed,
In the Lord’s might…


Toward the darkness I shall go!
It shall be so.


I brought my offspring to the old well,
Where it is said an ancestral imp dwells,
And begged for her to be relieved from her pain:


“Not unless there is nothing for me to gain”,
Replied the hellish reptile…


“I have nothing to spare,
Oh lord of putrid waters,
But my now motionless soul,
Which I think would be fair.
For me it is over,
Take me to your horrid lair,
That lies deep down the whirlpool,
And save my daughter,
Cure her sickness forever!”

For a moment he pondered,
Then his hairy hands he wavered,
And my child was mended,
And for her, I felt no longer tormented…


Within the well I was weightily invited,
Where many like him abounded,
And was then devoured alive,
In their murky hive,
Where I still dive,

-Beldam, 128 yf



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