The Seven Spheres & Alchemy

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The Esoteric Hermeticism Of The Order Of Nine Angles

Important Notice(s): This article is only meant to facilitate the reading of the essential texts: Introduction, Alchemy and the sinisterly-numinous tradition, Lapis Phisolophicus Isaac Newton and the septenary system and Azoth: Western Alchemy and the seven fold way of the order of nine angles. All these texts can be found and studied in the MSS shared below which is named: The Hermetic Order of Nine Angles.  Unfortunately, my opinion is definitively not scholarly on this matter since the article requires you to go read original medieval texts which are written in Latin and some of them are not yet translated. I wish I could translate such texts but I am unable to at the moment which makes my opinion on the matter “interesting at best”. It is my intention to learn Latin and Ancient Greek in the future so I can complete my research but such tasks will have to wait. It is also my intention to complete my analysis of the rest of the MSS which contains valuable information on alchemy and the seven fold way. This continuation will happen in the future. For now, here are my juvenile, yet passionate conclusions concerning certain topics of this important MSS.

Central to the incorporation of the seven spheres in The Order of Nine Angles tradition is the emphasis on:  The Tree of Wyrd, Alchemical Changes, The Origin of the Nine Angles, Lapis Philosophicus, The Seven Fold Way, The Star Game and even the Dark Gods. These primary ‘concepts’ are all masterfully entwined to each others and part of a whole. Studying them and experiencing them practically may or may not unearth their true aural origin but certainly might lead to what inspired them to come into form which is an ancestral and diverse πάθει μάθος from all around the world or a collocation of traditions if you will. Good examples of this are:

The connection between the Seven Fold Way and Hellenic hermeticism, and have revealed how several medieval and later alchemical writings describe a septenary system, and that such texts place the O9A into the correct historical and esoteric perspective -The Esoteric Hermeticism Of The Order Of Nine Angles

One part of this esoteric perspective is a different understanding of what alchemy is:

An initiated – esoteric – apprehension of the raison d’etre of alchemy: of ourselves as
having, in essence, both a masculous and a muliebral physis, and which initially undivided physis (sans denotatum, and thus the artificial, hubriatic, division between masculous and muliebral) is now, as in the past it was for the majority, lost; with alchemy anciently understood and practised by many alchemists as a means whereby we might re-discover our natural, and balanced, human physis. -The Esoteric Hermeticism Of The Order Of Nine Angles

It is thus easy to see how one of the many aims of the Seven Fold Way is to create/stimulate alchemical changes to restore the muliebral virtues or to lead the practitioner to a state that is beyond denotatum and closer to θεός. This new state would most definitively be something close to ἀρρενόθηλυς, obviously not in a literal sense but again, in an inward alteration which leads the practitioner toward wisdom. The unity of the κόσμος, the end of false dichotomies and opposites (…)

 ἀρρενόθηλυς. male-and-female. The theos – or deity/divinity/God – is both male and female, which can be interpreted as implying a bisexual nature, or androgyny, or hermaphroditism, or a being with the unique ability to both give birth and inseminate, or a being beyond all such mortal (causal) categories and assumptions. -Poemandres: A Translation and Commentary by David Myatt

Now, we know that the Seven Spheres (and the sphere workings) are meant to be related to certain correspondences which are specific for each spheres (For more informations, see my Table of Spheres Correspondences (Revised). Each sphere has an alchemical element attributed to it and an alchemical process which we shall look at so we can understand clearly what inspired the creation of the Star Game.

Here is the original Tria Prima:

  • Sulfur (soul) Sulphur.svg
  • Mercury (spirit) Mercury symbol.svg
  • Salt (base matter or body) Line within circle.svg


Here is a list of the Elements:

  • Fire Alchemy fire symbol.svgHot and Dry
  • Air Alchemy air symbol.svgHot and Wet
  • Water Alchemy water symbol.svgCold and Wet
  • Earth Alchemy earth symbol.svgCold and Dry


Here is a list of the Rulership:

The Sun, Gold  Sun symbol.svg

The Moon, Silver  Crescent.svg

Mercury, Quicksilver/Mercury  Mercury symbol.svg

Venus, Copper  ♀

Mars, Iron   Mars symbol.svg

Jupiter, Tin  Jupiter symbol.svg

Saturn, Lead   Saturn symbol.svg


Here is the table of correspondences (O9A):

The Moon, Earth 1

Mercury, Air 2

Venus, Water 3

Sun, Fire 4

Mars, Salt 5

Jupiter, Mercury 6

Saturn, Sulfur 7

I might be wrong when it comes to the spheres of Venus and the Sun since the symbols are very similar to the alchemical ‘Covered pot’ and the ‘crucible’ but I do not think so since the ‘water’ alchemical symbol is often depicted with a stretch…

Further, there lies another interesting revelation:

Perspicacious readers of a recent O9A text about alchemy will have noticed that the image of part of a handwritten manuscript by Isaac Newton entitled Lapis Philosophicus cum suis rotis elementaribus shows not only the Greco-Roman hermetic septenary system (Moon-Mercury-Venus-Sun-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn) -as used by the O9A – but also describes aspects of that system as Femina and others as Masculina; that is – to use the terminology of the O9A – muliebral and masculous. -The Esoteric Hermeticism Of The Order Of Nine Angles

Such a muliebral and masculous representation is obvious in ancient ptolemaic block book representation such as Hausbuch of Wolfegg:

These books usually list a male and a female Titan with each planet, Cronus and Rhea with Saturn, Eurymedon and Themis with Jupiter, Hyperion and Theia with Sun, Atlas and Phoebe with Moon, Coeus and Metis with Mercury, and Oceanus and Tethys with Venus. -The esoteric codex dynamic of the celestial spheres

It is thus no hazard that the hebdomadry was chosen as the ‘modus operandi’ of the adept. Only by following the Seven Fold Way and living a practical life can the practitioner become free of denotatum, restore the muliebral-masculous virtues, harvest empathy and perhaps, go beyond the abyss which is the final stage.

ὀγδοατικὴν φύσιν [is an] interesting and important term, often overlooked and often misinterpreted. What is meant is not a realm – ζώνῃ – or sphere, similar to but ‘beyond’ the seven realms, but rather ‘of what’ the mortal has become, is reborn as, at the end of the journey: partaking in and being of ‘the ogdoadic physis’, and thus sharing the being/existence of those who have, or who have attained, that particular type of being/existence/physis. The existence, that is, of an immortal beyond the seven emanations. -The Esoteric Hermeticism Of The Order Of Nine Angles

Here is a magnificent translation of the Corpus Hermeticum that echoes to Myatt scholar analysis of what lies beyond the spheres which is most certainly Lapis Philosophicus as is made clear with the Newtonian example of the tree with eight branches (which can be found at page 14):

And then, with all the energisings of the harmony stript from him, clothed in his proper Power, he cometh to that Nature which belongs unto the Eighth, and there with those-that-are hymneth the Father. 26 καὶ τότε γυμνωθεὶς ἀπὸ τῶν τῆς ἁρμονίας ἐνερ γημάτων γίνεται ἐπὶ τὴν ὀγδοατικὴν φύσιν͵ τὴν ἰδίαν δύναμιν ἔχων͵ καὶ ὑμνεῖ σὺν τοῖς οὖσι τὸν πατέρα·
They who are there welcome his coming there with joy; and he, made like to them that sojourn there, doth further hear the Powers who are above the Nature that belongs unto the Eighth, singing their songs of praise to God in language of their own. συγχαίρουσι δὲ οἱ παρόντες τῇ τούτου παρουσίᾳ͵ καὶ ὁμοιωθεὶς τοῖς συνοῦσιν ἀκούει καί τινων δυνάμεων ὑπὲρ τὴν ὀγδοατικὴν φύσιν φωνῇ τινι ἡδείᾳ ὑμνουσῶν τὸν θεόν·
And then they, in a band, go to the Father home; of their own selves they make surrender of themselves to Powers, and [thus] becoming Powers they are in God. This the good end for those who have gained Gnosis – to be made one with God. καὶ τότε τάξει ἀνέρχονται πρὸς τὸν πατέρα͵ καὶ αὐτοὶ εἰς δυνάμεις ἑαυ τοὺς παραδιδόασι͵ καὶ δυνάμεις γενόμενοι ἐν θεῷ γίνονται. τοῦτό ἐστι τὸ ἀγαθὸν τέλος τοῖς γνῶσιν ἐσχηκόσι͵ θεω θῆναι.

-Poimandre, Corpus Hermeticum, vol. 1, ed. A.D. Nock, A.-J Festugière

This is undoubtedly how this gnosis can be achieved or unearthed according to the tradition:

All of which ancient esoteric matters – from the employment of an esoteric vocabulary; to hiding certain esoteric knowledge from the ignorant and the vulgar; to expecting the sagacious (the learned and cultured) to work things out for themselves; to employing a septenary system; to mentioning the muliebral and masculous; to understanding what such things as Prima Materia/ὀγδοατικὴν φύσιν mean and imply – resonate with the modern Order of Nine Angles, and serve, as with many other things, to distinguish the O9A from other contemporary occult groups. For The Work is indeed “with them and in them”; presenced by O9A esoteric philosophy and O9A praxises such as the Seven Fold Way. -The Esoteric Hermeticism Of The Order Of Nine Angles

And conjointly, which is a perfect example:

In effect, the conceptless empathic and often reclusive way of the Rounwytha is what the initiate following the Seven Fold Way finds beyond The Abyss at the very end of their life-long occult quest (the sixth sphere of the seven forming the Tree of Wyrd), for it is that essence that has, for over a thousand years, been described as LapisPhilosophicus; and what Anton Long has termed the sinisterly-numinous, which is the living unity beyond the abstract, the lifeless, division and dialectic of contrasting/abstractive/ideated opposites. A division most obvious in the false dichotomy of good and evil. This is most certainly not the modern wicca of ‘harming none’, for it is also the ancient pagan way of knowing the nature of the rotten: human, animal, land. Of the need, sometimes, to cleanse, perchance to cull. -Roots and Organization of the Order of Nine Angles

The incorporation of the hebdomadry in the tradition is thus clear. The Seven Fold Way is a living-practical alchemical process that has for objective to unite the Tria Prima of the practitioner which makes him leap beyond denotatum or separation. Only then can a Magus-Mousa reach the eight branch of the tree. What is expected from any serious follower of the way could not be more emphasized…

This alchemical revelation is also evident in the symbol of the tradition itself, the nine angles:

It is the ancient, alchemical, the esoteric, meaning of Azoth which is used by the O9A, connected as Azoth is with the septenary system and thus ‘the nine angles’, the nine combinations of the three basic alchemical substances, and representing as the O9A Star Game does the nine angles, the septenary system, and the nexion that we as individual human beings are between the causal and the acausal. -The Esoteric Hermeticism Of The Order Of Nine Angles

Sans titre.png

Again, we can observe the necessary union of Tria Prima which, through transformation, equate to nine. Since the alchemical changes are an esoteric process and not an exoteric one, id go so far as to suggest that the seven spheres could also be compared to the Chakras (चक्र). there are seven chakras or energetical nodes located in specific areas of our causal coil and the word ‘cakra‘ itself means ‘wheel’, ‘Circle’, ‘Cycle’. According to the tradition, the seven Chakras could be represented by the seven spheres, perhaps as follow but this is only my creation:

Line within circle.svg Ego and the causal body: Muladhara, Svadhishthana, Manipura.

Mercury symbol.svgSelf or spirit: Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna.

Sulphur.svg Beyond self or soul: Sahasrara.

Enlightenment is only possible by alchemically uniting these seven energetical nodes together and becoming a causal embodiment of Sahasrara which, in my eyes, is a Rounwytha:  “One who understands, one who knows secrets.”

According to the tradition, Atu VII, SatanasAzoth is meant as a reminder of this important principle but is entirely forgotten or missed:

In the description of the tarot card:

The Menstruum – the Sinister aspect implicit within the ‘homogenous metallic water’: the explosive factor in the delicate balancing of life-enhancing elements. Change by adversity – the ‘Accuser’. The brutal realities that threaten to devour the abstract, the romantic. Insight and control via the understanding of the Primal – or destruction by it. -The Sinister Tarot

In Richard Moult poem:

The ruby is the password
She of the white robe
Rides the transparent horse
The maiden closes.
On broken legs he steps forth
He becomes the Dragon … 

-The Sinister Tarot

The Dragon represents, much like the ourobouros, a cyclic nature to things, a beginning and an end. In its causal manifestation, it is an antinomian symbol (Accuser) but there is more to it:

From the dead dragon, vapors and volatile substances arise, often seen in alchemical images. In other terms, the earth is partly being transformed into water, it ascends as vapor. Some sources say that in the head of the dragon is a stone, a clear reference to the rough stone, or ‘prima materia’ (first matter). Killing the dragon also refers to a cosmic happening. It is the penetration of the ‘prima materia’ as primal ocean, or primal chaos by the secret fire or the divine spirit. The fiery serpent emanated fire and light into the primal waters. When the dragon (or serpent, as the cat of Ra the sun god cut off the head of the serpent Apophis), is killed, the original chaos ceased and the process of cosmic evolution started. -Dirk Gillabel

Thus, the dragon is a natural phase for the practitioner to achieve but it should also be surpassed, transmuted into something else from which will emanate, again, a synthesis. Just like the combination of the sun, water and earth will make the seed grow.

It is the ancient, alchemical, the esoteric, meaning of Azoth which is used by the O9A, connected as Azoth is with the septenary system and thus ‘the nine angles’, the nine combinations of the three basic alchemical substances, and representing as the O9A Star Game does the nine angles, the septenary system, and the nexion that we as individual human beings are between the causal and the acausal. In other words, the O9A Star Game – with its seven main boards and its pieces formed from combinations of the three basic alchemical substances – is a modern re-presentation of the means to produce Azoth: the double pelican from whence comes the alchemical ‘living water’. For, as mentioned in a 1980s O9A MS which used ancient alchemical symbolism and paraphrased an ancient alchemical text: “The secret of the Magus/Mousa who lies beyond the Grade of Master/LadyMaster is a simple unity of two common things. This unity is greater than but built upon the double pelican being inward yet like the stage of Sol, outward though in a lesser degree. Here is the living water, azoth, which falls upon Earth nurturing it, and from which the seed flowers brighter than the sun. The flower, properly prepared, splits the Heavens – it is the great elixir which comes from this which when taken into the body dissolves both Sol and Luna bringing Exaltation. Whomever takes this Elixir will live immortal among the fiery stars… -The Esoteric Hermeticism Of The Order Of Nine Angles

-Beldam, 128 yf






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