Hecatean Blessing

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Important Notice(s): This article is the long awaited aftermath of a certain ritual for the ‘Queen’ that has yet to be published. As a way to honor her evermore, I decided to share this with all my readers who, I am sure, will appreciate the wealth of symbolism contained in this story. In the light of this dream, it is also crucial to note that I am supposed to head to the monastery again in December for a short retreat and sleep in the holy room.

It was a dark, starless night and only the moon was guiding me on the serpentine and mountaineous roads. I had been called by a monk friend who, in behalf of the whole community, had invited me to a certain wedding in a certain area which was a few hours drive. It was a place I had never been to, with people I had never met and so I had mixed feelings about it all. I explained I had much work to do and very little time but he was so insistant that he succeeded at convincing me. The idea of an evasive roadtrip was also something I looked forward to…

Strangely, I travelled during the night, followed restlessly by the silver aura of the moon, as if I was overwhelmed by crystal dots. I remember this moment to be absent of anything else. It was not cold or windy, not hot or uncomfortable. All I can remember is the white beams, sinisterly crawling on and in my car…

After a long and tiring journey, I reached my destination. It was a large and squared building, hidden by pine trees. It seemed modern and rustic all at once which I thought was not a good sign for the upcoming event. I knocked on a very large wooden door and waited a while to finally be received by at least ten people most of which were cistercian monks. I was greeted and introduced meagerly before they all ran downstairs, at the end of a long corridor. Obviously, there had been delays and the preparations for the event were not completed. I remained upstairs, close to the doors, talking with two men with cameras and looking at a bunch of young women talking with each others. One of them was the bride, wearing a long and elegant white robe. At some point, they joined in and we shook hands and talked briefly…

Nearby was a cardboard box at the center of a plastic table. One of the girls looked in and pulled something out of it. It was a wooden stick, separated in three points. The center was large while the two other points were thinner and pointing outward. At the sight of this strange item, the girl could not help but to be both curious and disgusted. She looked at it a little more before putting it back in the box. Intrigued, I took it in my hand and gazed at it for a while. The shapes seamed to be familiar but still, not sufficiently. It went back in the box but my subconscious knew very well what it announced…

My attention was then directed toward outside the windows. It had started raining very strongly and we could see the electric cables outside swinging violently. The two camera men and I were watching the whole scene while everyone else was being called downstairs. I did not even have time to comment before the cables outside raptured, creating a blue and violent surge of lightning. We all ended up in bleak darkness. At the same time this was happening, I heard a chorus of screams downstairs and it was not because of the sudden obscurity. It was the kind of scream that chill your bones…

Instinctively, I rushed toward the stairs, followed by the two camera men who had just turned ‘on’ the lights on their equipment. Down there, blood was everywhere and soon enough, the shaky lights found the culprit. There was a monk, both dismembered and electrocuted lying on the ground. His torso, still attached to the head, was moving. I thought that it was because of electricity but then, they magically slided on the upper wall, disappearing in the shadows as if being seized by something invisible…

Screams were heard all around but one surprised me to my right and so I pivoted rapidly. A young woman was begging for help. Her legs had been removed violently and she was crawling in her own blood. I leaped to help her but as I came close, a vociferous growl was heard and a beast came between me and her. It was a large, grey dog. I then looked around and managed to see what was going on. Hounds had appeared out of thin air and were slaughtering everyone in the room but strangely, they were surrounding me and even laying on my legs as friendly dogs usually do…

The last thing I saw were the two camera men being overwhelmed by the beasts and the legless lady dying in agony. The cameras struck the ground and I found myself in complete darkness with the hounds. Strangely enough, the last feelings I had from this dream were of completeness, serenity, security as if escorted some place secret but most of all, warned. I had the feeling that there is something concerning my upcoming retreat to the monastery that needs to be meditated upon. Perhaps, all of this is a magnificent sign that all my prayers and wordless devotion have been answered and that my ritualistic silence(s) were answered. I was granted the motherly protection of the chthonic queen of the underworlds…

  ”δεῦρ᾽ βασίλεια Έκάτη, νεκυῖα, ἀωροβόρος, σκυλακάγεια δεῦρ᾽”

The pool is opened,

Go deeper,

Against all others,

And even Darker, Recall.

-Beldam, 128 yf


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