What is there left to say?

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The Sioux regard the universe as ultimately incomprehensible; life, growth, and death are mysterious and suggestive of powers difficult to understand. Since time itself is regarded as non-causal, and does not embody notions of change and progress, nothing in the universe can be considered to be inevitable. This incomprehensibility and unpredictability of the universe, anything difficult to understand, is called ‘wakan’, which also connotes the animating force of the universe, the totality of which is ‘Wakan Tanka’. Wakan Tanka is the sum total of the personified powers that brought all things into being. Humankind itself formed in and emerged from the womb of Mother Earth. Everything has its own spirit but all share the same spiritual essence that is Wakan Tanka; so it is that the most important aspects of personality are shared by everything in the universe. -Encyclopedia Sioux

What is there left to say or to add when all illusions are shattered in pieces? Apart from a momentary (sometimes necessary) stimuli, what could be extracted from incomplete paradigms, incomplete worlds? When the limitations of such constructs are admitted by the soul, there can only be a desire to keep a sharp ear for the divine. To turn toward the worldess, the intimations, the numinous that requires no words or denotations or classifications. In a world such as ours, so occupied, so distracted by thousands of concepts, archetypes and world-views, such a perspective might seem like a resignation, a form of nihilism. In truth, it is a reconciliation, an openness, a perceiveration.

It is as if there is this continual need for ‘rooting’ ourselves in a freshly built world and test it by opposing it to others (intellectual warfare). The initial hope is always the same and the outcome is always the same; the freshly built world fails when assigned to the grandeur of the cosmos (κόσμος). And yet, we still play the game, as if otherwise, life becomes unbearably boring without some sort of compensative abstractions.

‘Wakan Tanka’ primarily means ‘Grand Mystery’. How empathetically correct from the ancients which we rapidly labeled as ‘savages’. The grand mystery which words or symbols are unable to describe but from which all things originate from…

The Rounwytha way offers a similar proposition by annihilating denotation or any form of directed ‘praxis’ such as rituals. Only an alchemical fusion between the ‘I’ and nature is expected from the practitioner and nothing more and yet, such a relationship is sufficient to lead to complete transmutation.

There is nothing to add, no philosophical concepts to struggle and convulse with to seize the truth, no books written or speeches recorded will solve the great puzzle, no scientific hypothetical or logical assumptions can generate certitudes and certainly not the creation of new human worlds (Ism) with a tool as limited as our language(s).

Men is naturally wired, or so it seems, to be a conceptual builder which is an exeatic quality but perhaps, as David Myatt Suggested:

The middle part of this ‘secret’ is that the object of our journey never really was distant and neither was it hidden at all; we only assumed or believed it was, and we only had to learn to not only see as we can see but did not know we could but also to know, to understand, to feel, to appreciate, what is seen, sans denotatum, and be such denotatum words (verbal, written), symbolic, ideation (of ‘the mind’), archetypal, or whatever. The first part of this ‘secret’ concerns a certain knowledge: about ‘the living water’, azoth; about the nature of Time, of Being, of consciousness, of the Cosmos, and thus about our nature as mortal existents, as beings, in this realm of phenomenon; of how we are Time beyond its perceived dichotomy and are and have been and will be Being, and have the potential to become/return-to Being beyond our perceived temporary existence as conscious mortal beings. But one has to be ‘there’/here – now/then/when and in/within/beyond Time – in order to ‘see’, to know, to feel, to appreciate, to understand, this. The rest is either preparation or null.  -Lapis Philosophicus

There is the necessity to go back within. To strive toward the stars as a race but to do so humbly, with the knowledge that our constructs, our assumptions, even our state of being (causal) is unable to comprehend the numinous. The only possibility, the only sensible conclusion is to be and to seek, gently and passionately.

Break free from the false prophet that is our prideful language and break free from the addiction of abstractions. A Wyrdful life is not dependent on such things and the grand mystery is not either.

-Beldam, 128 yf


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