The Magickian Ritual (Binan Ath)

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Empathy; a flowing with natural forces that are consciously understood. An integration becoming (part of) a greater Wyrd; an awareness that spans Aeons. Actions that prepare the way.

Me and a friend I have known since birth had gone on a long journey together. We had packed only what was necessary and had drove over six hours to reach ‘Saguenay’ and ‘Tadoussac’. These areas in Canada are known for their whale population that wander nearby the mighty Fjords. We arrived in a solitary road where a cargo would carry cars from where we were to the other side of the mountains. At this point in time, it was night time already and the moon was standing full in the skies. We reached this beautiful coastal village where fishermen were at work every day and we rented a cheap hotel where we fell asleep instantaneously.

The next day, we made a reservation for the whale trip and waited at the port several hours before getting on a fast boat that got us as close as possible to the biggest animals on the planet. Not only was it magical, it was also humbling and mystical since the temperature was foggy and cold…

When we came back, we packed our things and drove a few more hours. Our main objective was to reach the ‘Saguenay Fjord National Park’ and climb to the ancient statue of ‘Notre dame de Saguenay’ which is about 150 years old. The Hike is labeled as difficult and honestly, it is. It took us over 4 hours to get to the top but we had added a difficulty factor by not only carrying our bags but also a 30lbs addition of either rock of dead trees. When we reached the summit, we had lunch in front of the giant statue and we could gaze at the mighty Fjords. It was definitively not my first hike certainly one of my favorite.

It took us roughly three hours to go back down and I insisted to go swim in the shivering waters. That is where I got my sigils out of my backpack and after a much needed meditation with my quartz stone, I buried them in a secret location, as to leave a part of me there.

Sacred Tools:

  • The Order of Nine Angles Sigil.
  • The Magickian Sigil.
  • A Small Quartz Stone.

I then jumped in the water and swam for a while (See here) before going back to our camp and awaiting night time in the tent where I kept playing with my quartz and avoided any electronic items. Howls were being heard deep in the woods and insects were becoming unbearably annoying. At some point, we had a fire lit and discussed for hours of many things, mainly the beauty of nature and the numinosity of our latest experiences.

While watching the flames, I kept repeating inwardly: “Behold the fire!”…

Interestingly, I approached ‘The Magickian’ in a very conceptual manner. I always felt that this pathway represented me very authentically since both the experience and the imagery were closely affiliated to the Rounwytha way or so I felt. The sensation was very similar to ‘Mactoron’ which I presenced and worked with at the Cistercian monastery. Nature, honesty, humility, the connectedness of life and the numinous in the wordless, the silence that speaks the divine language rather than the tumultuous, confused language of men and his cities. Binan Ath, with his relationship to the ‘Mars Sphere’ and to the alchemical process of sublimation, acted as a warning to me. Of how hubris can sometimes excites us in passion and goals but also how it can trample what is truly important.

Like Heraclitus said thousands of years ago: “Better to deal with your hubris before you confront that fire.”

-Beldam 128 yf


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