The Map is Not the Territory

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The Culture of ἀρετή

Important Notices: Know that I am not here to instruct anyone and would never dare to. As I have said many times, I am merely a student, an explorer and I proclaim not to possess any wisdom or conclusive words. My writings are and always have been about self honesty, about my practical and theoretical experiences and my perhaps, idiotic decision to share them with others who also explore and are passionate about their wyrd, their life and spiritual anados. I seek neither to convince or to dissuade. All I seek is to reflect myself into those writings, so they can perhaps benefit or inspire others that follows similar paths or similar inclinations. My primary hope is that abstractions become second-hand things and that the focus switches to what really matters. Perhaps, such a thing is impossible on the internet and to be quite honest, my desire for writing and sharing my experiences on such a volatile platform is expiring. I might resign from this fictional realm soon and continue my path without sharing, in a worded fashion. I say all of what I say with utmost humility and I hope I express myself as clearly as possible for I too, am condemned to attempt to convey something with a dysfunctional language.

Throughout the years, what I mainly came to realize is how the so-called ‘Left-hand path’ is no different than any other ‘ism’ in that, most individuals who decorate themselves with meaningless titles such as ‘Satanists’, ‘Niners’ or any other worded badge(s) are either lying to themselves or trying to lie to others. For there can be either a thirsty ego, an imprisoned mind which does not realize it is trapped or an authentic seeker of wisdom that cares not for fame and titles. Sometimes, it is an enantiodromia between those two things but it does not matter. The seeker will, in the end, find.

It is unfortunate that nearly all the individuals I have met are worlds makers, fabricators. They all aspire to ‘presence’ a new form of ‘Ism’ a new framework that will transcend all others or a new Nexion that is more ‘Sinister’ or more ‘Numinous’ than the others and so the ideological warfare(s) persist continually and hubris manifest itself along with continual generalizations. Such attempts, such futilities are not only the ‘numinous’ mistakes (on a smaller scale) that David Myatt tried to warn us about but it is also highly revealing of the physis of the participants. In the past, and perhaps I sometimes still do, I was also addicted to such abstractions and now realize how my mind was clouded…

For I believe the Order of Nine Angles corpus to be crystal clear on such matters and the numinous way, even more…

There is a relativity, a wyrd, a nexional personality to everyone’s spiritual journey that may not be grasped by others because of a plethora of different reasons such as: Wyrd, Lapis Philosophicus, the species of time, Enantiodromia and of course, the very own Physis of the practitioner. The Order of Nine Angles, from a fundamentalist standpoint, encourage empathy, a return to nature, an understanding of the unity of the universe, a balanced and fair judgment according to the physis emanating from a being, a personal journeying that may take many different forms and an urge to explore many different perspectives, it also puts emphasis on pathei-mathos, practicality and the end of our dualistic nature.

These principles are not of the Order of Nine Angles, they were recycled by the order from thousands of years of Pathei Mathos and from different cultures from all around the world. They are our earthly perceiveration of the acausal and how the universe functions.

So in the light of such evident reasons, which seems to suggest a certain relativism, a certain energetic fluctuation which is beyond us all, I ask myself continually; Why the struggle for new frameworks, why the bitterness, the generalization, the active & passive skirmish between nexions, the necessity for a ‘magian’ approach to such a flexible and rich occult amalgam that is the Order of Nine Angle?

The answer is rather simple, because the Order of Nine Angle is just another human-made world. A very effective one, but a fabricated world still. And despite all the hints toward a personal Wyrd, Lapis Philosophicus, the species of time, Enantiodromia, a personal anados and of course, the unique physis of every practitioners. These things are still ignored and replaced by petty internet confrontations for fame, power and the like.
That such things are outlined in so many MSS and still ignored is very saddening for it simply puts the Order of Nine Angles in the same cauldron with all the other worlds human beings use to live according to abstractions; Christianity, Science, Wicca, Judaism, Islam, National Socialism, communism. All these things lead to the same dead-end and are unable to encompass what is ‘divine’, what is beyond our grasp, the ‘Grand mystery’. They are human tools.

And this is why, the Numinous way is mainly ignored. The Greek translations of David Myatt are ignored and the many MSS about alchemy and Hermeticism who all lead to ancient texts that direct the practitioner toward a ‘special’ understanding about the κόσμος and Lapis Philosophicus. Texts such as the Corpus Hermeticum, Signatura Rerum or Somnium Scipionis and many others… It is also for this reason that most people ignore the culmination of David Myatt’s journey, expressed through his poetry, autobiography and post 2012 writings. A tragic culmination that led him to sacrifice what really mattered for abstractions…

The Order of Nine Angles, like any other world, is a tool. It is open to anyone to apply this tool the way he sees fit and experiment. There is no improving it or decreasing it. There is only improving yourself or crippling yourself. Crippling yourself means that the map becomes the territory, that the tool becomes the leading thing in your journey, that the Bible becomes your sole reference. The Order of Nine Angles is a good map, it is something you can use to reach your destination but you should break free from it in due time and so is the case for any other spiritual path or religion. People that do not even understand this dualistic aspect will not even understand why the Order of Nine Angles is not an organization in and of itself and why there is no ‘joining’ or ‘leaving’ it.

As for the Numinous Way of David Myatt, it is the end of all human-made worlds. It requires no continuation or improvement(s) of any sort since it is a way of temperance, an apolitical way, a way that is free from any abstractions or ‘Ism’. There is no judgment beyond what is inwardly felt of someone else physis. Generalizations and concepts such as races are meaningless in the Numinous Way. There is no venerations or dogmas. There is nothing but an attempt to lean toward what matters, toward what is good, toward what is numinous and that is; empathy, love, honor, justice, balance…

Here are a few quotes that hints to a certain relativity. I could have shared more but I think those few ones illustrate everything perfectly along with the stunningly beautiful ‘Culture of Arête’.

“The ‘outer secret’ of the inner, the real, the living, alchemy is that the end and the result of both our apparently separate journeys is the same; the
same place, the same understanding, the same knowledge. For wisdom is
undivided, the same for all of us, whatever we believed or assumed when we
began. Or expressed another way, lapis philosophicus is what it is, and
always has been, and does what it does, and always has done, in terms of
how it affects and changes those few who have succeeded in their
decades-long endeavour and thus discovered it, and discovered it where it
has always been hidden.”

This understanding, this knowledge – the wisdom acquired, the finding of lapis philosophicus [2] during the penultimate stage of the Way – means two particular things, and always has done. (i) living in propria persona [3], in a private manner and sans all posing, all rhetoric, all pomposity, all ideations; and (ii) having an appreciation, an awareness (sans words, ritual, thought) of what is now sometimes known as the acausal – of Nature, the Cosmos, of the connexions that bind life and thus of the illusion that is the individual will, and which illusion sillily causes a person to believe ‘they’ are or can be ‘in control’. These two things form the basis of a particular and reclusive way of life of a particular type of person: the type known, in
one locality, as the rounerer of The Rouning. In effect, the enigmatic truth is that those who have found lapis philosophicus – whatever path they took on their journey, whatever their prior views, beliefs, assumptions, ideas, praxis – live in a similar manner and have acquired the same weltanschauung. An enigmatic weltanschauung that needs no descriptive name and cannot, in its simple fundamentality, be communicated, let alone taught, to those who either have no natural intimation/intuition of it (for or from whatever reason) or who lack an inner changing (wrought via pathei mathos) of a sufficiency necessary to propel them beyond the illusion of conflicting opposites and thus beyond the
deceptions of their known and their unknown (their hidden, inner) egoist.

There is thus no magick; no one true Way; no one true praxis; no one true system; no
one ‘genuine’ Order/organization/group. There is no secret knowledge – no secrets, no mysteries – to be revealed, to others. No chain of authority. As there can be no
disciples since there is no mastery. No individual or individuals to be lauded. No
longer any need to pontificate about, or even inform others about, the journey, about
what has been seen, experienced, found, along the way. There is only lapis philosophicus and its individual discovery. There are only those, on
their own individual journeyings, journeying in their own way in their own species of
Time, and who may or may not arrive at their planned destination. For we are life, the
Cosmos; we are Time beyond its perceived illusive dichotomy and are and have been
and will be Being, presenced and unpresenced, particular and general, past-presentfuture, and beyond the illusion, the deception, of ‘a being’ and of ‘beings’.
Therefore, silence and reclusiveness become the few whose esoteric peregrinations
have after decades – and by and because of lapis philosophicus – been ended.

Anton Long – Last Words: The Enigmatic Truth

“The understanding of Time as a manifestation of the φύσις of beings is derived from the acausal knowing that empathy provides [6]; and a knowing that allows us to make a philosophical distinction, in respect of Time, between an observed or posited movement and ‘a change’; with the former – movement – applicable to observed or posited physical things and the latter – change – to living beings. For example ‘change’ describes how a tree – a living organism – grows and which change includes, but is not limited to, the measured movement (in causal time and causal space) of its branches and its trunk as measured in fixed units such as girth and height and the position and size of branches in relation to other branches and nearby objects. Such change – of a living being – is an effluvium, a fluxion [7].

That is, living beings possess or manifest a type of Time – a species of change, manifest as a fluxion – that is different from the movement (the time) of things and thus different from the time used in sciences such as physics.

 In personal terms, the error of applying causal time, and the perception derived therefrom, to living beings is most evident in causal abstractions, and in what we may refer to as the dialectic of egoism: of ourselves as one distinct, self-interested, human being contrasted with (or needing to be contrasted with) and often opposed to (or needing to be opposed to or seen to be opposed to) other humans. Thus, for millennia we have manufactured causal abstractions and identified with one or more of them, saught to bring them into being; as we have opposed other abstractions and especially those humans who identify with some abstraction or whom we have assigned to some abstraction, such as some group or some faith or some nation or some ethnicity or some ideology regarded as ‘inferior’ to ‘ours’ or as ‘bad’ compared to ‘ours’. Similarly, we humans have for millennia often felt compelled to place our own self-interest, our welfare, before that of other humans – and before the welfare of Nature [8] – just as we have been often compelled and often are still compelled to strive, competitively or otherwise, against other humans in order to establish or reaffirm our personal identity, our difference from them (or their ‘inferiority’ compared to us). Thus has there been, and thus is there, hubris and suffering. Thus has there been, and thus is there, a lack of appreciation of the numinous and a lack of understanding of our φύσιςand that of the φύσις of the other living beings (including other humans) who share this planet with us. In summary, applying causal time to living beings creates and maintains division and divisiveness; while the perception of acausal time brings an appreciation of the numinous and thus a knowing of the inherent unity behind our ordinary understanding of separate living beings.”

In the philosophy of pathei-mathos, Time is considered to be an expression of the φύσιςof beings [1], and thus, for living beings, is a variable emanation of ψυχή differing from being to being and representing how a living being can change or may change or has changed, which such change being a-causal [2]. Thus, Time –as conventionally understood and as measured/represented by a terran-calendar with durations marked hours, days, weeks, and years –is regarded as an abstraction [3], and an abstraction which attempts to interpret living beings as functions of or as limited to a linear cause-and-effect described by separated moments progressing from a past to a present and thence to some future ‘time’.

In summary, applying causal time to living beings creates and maintains division and divisiveness; while the perception of acausal time brings an appreciation of the numinous and thus a knowing of the inherent unity behind our ordinary understanding of separate living beings.

-David Myatt, Time And The Separation Of OthernessPart One 

The Numinous Way is simply the living, by individuals, of an ethical life: individuals
cultivating empathy, compassion, humility, wu-wei, dignity, and honour, who thus are inclined to avoid causing suffering and inclined to doing what is fair.
There is no dogma, no organization, no officials, no supra-personal authority, no
theology, no theories, no authorized or recommended praxis. There are no codes of
conduct, no scriptures, no ‘sacred’ – or official/authorized – writings.
There are only honourable individuals individually aware of, and respectful of, the

David Myatt, Synopsis of The Numinous Way

Words, whether written or spoken, can never describe that essence – they can only hint at it, point toward it, and often serve to obscure the essence.
Satanism strips away the appearance of ‘things’ – living, Occult and
otherwise by this insistence on experience, unaided. What is thus
apprehended by such experience, is unique to each individual and
thus is creative and evolutionary. Discussions, meetings, talks, even
books and such like, de-vitalize: they are excuses for not acting.

Hostia, the hard reality of Satanism

-Beldam 128 yf

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