Workings With The Spheres

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Important notice(s): For the description required for the meditation of each tarot attributions, see the MSS entitled: ‘The Sinister Tarot’ in Naos, page 217. It is also important to note that these visualizations are very personal. Sometimes I would go about them conceptually, some other times I would use my imagination or keep the imagery as it is and try to feel as much as possible like I was there.

The Moon:

Richard Moult Attributions: Shugara – The Moon (18), Deofel – Nocturnus (15), Death – Nythra (13).

Tarot Attributions: The Moon (18), Lucifer (15), Death (13).

The Moon (unconscious): I was walking in the desert, the sandy wind viciously whipping my face and my naked feet, burning like two torches, climbing dunes. Then, amidst all the harshness of the elements, I saw them, the two towers, barely standing. Alone like two abandoned twins, surrounded by a distant layer of mountains. Still, a sight of hope in such a deserted panorama. I hurried and walked as fast as I could and was greeted by a falling piece of rock that had detached itself from one of the towers. Trampled by the sun and the heat, I walked Inside the tower that lied on the right and was greeted by a dark being with a yellowish gaze. He spoke in a language that only my heart could understand, not my mind but the message remained clear. He wanted me to get out of this sacred nexion, reserved only to some lost gods. Walking back outside, I decided to hide between the two towers, were the temperature was more merciful. It is there that I stumbled upon a book, surprisingly well preserved. Some bones were still surfacing from the sands. Without hesitation, I opened the book and was enlightened by an ancient knowledge which revealed to me how to deal with the guardians of the towers. Going back Inside with confidence, I was bitterly scorned by the dark, formless demon. Opening the book once, more, a halo of light surfaced and slithered into the Pocket of my rags. There some item had magically appeared which I got out and pointed toward the guardian. It was a Crystal quartz tetrahedron, acting as a prism, distilling light everywhere in the tower, banishing away the demon to some other realm. Liberated from this dark omen, I managed to go up some stairs and reach the summit of the tower. Atop this tower, I started vibrating ‘Nox’ and visualize a horned beast, coming forth from a trapezoidal star gate. The desert itself seemed to roar, shattering the dream which then threw me into the next visualization.

Lucifer (Ego): The entangled lovers are kissing and having a sexual Relationship in a beautiful landscape. There, a naked man is walking with chains and fire, circling around the couple in the field. At some point, he meets up with an old man, carrying an animal horn. Without exchanging a word, the Young man seize the horn and draw an inverted pentagram in the earth. He then moves his hands esoterically and the fire around his left hand bursts far into the forest close by, spreading into every trees. As this happens, the old man starts melting, his essence returning to Gaia. The lovers atop the hill rise up nervously, gazing at the devastation that happens in front of them. They then rise their hands and join them together, starting to vibrate some ancestral tones. The clouds suddenly becomes darker and a violent rain descends upon the forest, Healing the trees from their aggressor. This accomplished, the couple leave the area and the Young man is nowhere to be found but where he stood lies the frontal part of a skull, upside down. In there, a flower is preserved by some dirt and a butterfly comes flying to attach itself to it.

Death (Self): One of the skulls, piled on that far away cliff, rolls down, falling into a small river stream that from such heights, look like a serpent. Emerging from the water, voices can be heard. A tall and gorgeous woman is standing on a rock with her bow in her hands, holding the wood excessively hard as if she was enervated. Her face is painted with distress. A dwarf, sitting on a tree trunk nearby is cleaning his bloodied knife while looking at the ground in shame. In the horizon, a forest is burning and screams are sometimes brought by the wind. A war must be happening not so far away. The tall blond woman seize one of her numerous arrows and starts aiming with the bow, a tear flowing down her cheek. Something then happens, as if all the energies held in the location are animating themselves around the lady. The dwarf looks at her, be it barely as if he knew she was about to sacrifice something important. Them, the shot is fired with such divine speed that it extinguish the fires in a single breeze and seems to pierce the cosmos. Would she be Artemis, the goddess of the hunt?


Richard Moult Attributions: Physis – Ga Wath Am (0), Change – Nekalah (8), War – Abatu (16).

Tarot Attributions: The Fool (0), Change (8), The Tower (16).

The Fool (Unconscious): A young man is standing at the summit of a cliff. A strong wind rises and a dog is eating voraciously his feet which does not seem to bother the ‘Balobian’. When a butterfly touches his flute, he starts playing smoothly, sending the insect flying high in the skies. The more he plays, the more the stars seems to glitter in the twilight. The moon, which is a crescent, also seems to glitter more intensively. Hours later, the young man is half eaten by the dog but keeps on playing until his soul leaves him and starts flying with the butterfly. At some point, his shade and the butterfly seem to collide together and become as one. Their unification creates a vivid light which rises up in the cosmos, ultimately disappearing forever.

Change (Ego): A woman is playing with the star game on the boundaries of dualism. There is an emphasis on the ‘Mira’ board which has yet to be understood. Pieces are falling here and there on the dual planes, creating various different things such as butterflies but also trees and moons that start rotating around this odd realm. A feeling of godhood manifest itself as if the star game has the power to alter anything that lies in the subconscious. There was no specific ending to this meditation.

The Tower (Self): The top of the tower is struck by lightning, throwing a man down into oblivion. A woman is standing at the gates, knocking violently at the door as if she must enter into ‘something’. This made me feel like the masculous nature has to be overthrown and the muliebral virtues should be integrated more often in our ‘castle’. The more the woman knocks on the doors, the more the lightning strikes the castle and makes it crumble. Perhaps into future aeons, the castles of man will be forded down by the temperance of women and a new ethos shall be born.


Richard Moult attributions: The Lovers – Karu Samsu (6),  Hel – Aosoth (14), The Star-  Nemicu (17)

Tarot Attributions: The Lovers (6), Hel (14), The Star (17)

The Lovers (Unconscious): The lovers are entwined in the circle and have make love. They are bathed in a mixture of light. Half of it is the moon and the other half, the fire nearby. The snake start circling the stone as if a new process is about to take form. The two lovers, after their culmination, decide to expand their love beyond the causal. The young man grabs the sword and the wand and the woman, the cup and the pentagram. They then embrace and fall into the fire and burn to ashes, joining together as spirit in space and then in the acausal. The whole forest becomes alive as if it feels their causal departure.

Hel (Ego): The bird of prey sings and then lands on a tree, looking at this strange white-robed woman who throws colored facets in the river stream. She then walks to floating head and take it in her hands. She removes the two eyes off the head. One she keeps for herself and the other one, she feeds the bird of prey with it. After this little ritual, she feels as if she is now both in and out of her own self. as if the bird ingesting the eye can now see certain things for her. After that, she descends into the river and drown herself. Her body slowly decays with time.

The Star (Self): A peaceful and magnificent moment. The situation remains as it is but everything feels connected and animated. The septagon is shining brightly in the sky, the water is pouring in the river softly, the branches are transported left and right by the wind and the woman depicted is without emotions. As if she is part of nature itself.


Richard Moult attributions: Azoth – Satanas (7),  Opfer – Vindex (12), The Master – Atazoth (5).

Tarot Attributions: Azoth (7), The Hanged Man (12), The Master (5)

Azoth (Unconscious): The man and his wolf are watching the woman approaching with incense. The man kneels and drops his weapons to the ground, removing his animalistic clothes. The dark portals opens and distant lights seems to glitter. The green dragon, which was circling the skies, goes flying into the portal, creating an enormous explosion of crimson energies. The white robed woman starts reciting incantations toward the portal, as if channeling the Dark Gods out of it. The soil also becomes red and the man turns into a beast.

Opfer (Ego): The man is hanged to the Oak and the serpent way below, slither on the ground and starts circling around the tree. Some ominous things starts to happen in the forest. Raven come and annoy the hanged man which is still bleeding from one of his eyes and the more he get pecked at, the more spheres drops from his leather purse. At some point, the spheres seem to dive into the ground, like seeds. After they have disappeared for a moment, undead creatures start to raise from the dirt and the serpent goes away along with the ravens. The hanged man knows he is doomed.

The Master (Self): The robed man is looking at the two lovers inside the giant tetrahedron. An assembly of zealots is chanting nearby. all of them are cloaked and in total immobility, watching the two lovers having a passionate exchange. The chants become so powerful that through an arch, which stands nearby, a lightning spreads through the room and goes hitting the tetrahedron. The giant crystal explodes in millions of particles and the lovers inside are like absorbed in light. When all the smokes dissipates, an androgynous being with a third eye shows himself floating about the ground. His skin is pale and his eyes are blue and large.


Richard Moult attributions: The Magickian – Binan Ath (1), Lord of Earth – Kthunae (4), The Hermit – Sauroctonos (9).

Tarot Attributions: The Magickian (1), Lord of Earth (4), The Hermit (9)

The Magickian (Unconscious): The constellations are shining bright in the sky. There is an artificial feel to the landscape, something otherworldly. Everything is static and hardly moves but the tetrahedron is glimmering and the flower petals are falling from the altar in a dark ether. The wand is so perfect in its form that I feel a deep satisfaction, I am able to feel the texture of the wood on my fingers, as if I was the adept himself. Then a portal seems to open in the stars and everything seems to shuffle and transcend time in the glimpse of an eye.

Lord of Earth (Ego): Interestingly, my first thoughts were about the magnificent Greek text Ajax, which was written by Sophocle. Primarily the scene where he dies by his own hands in a landscape, away from the rest of the army. Nothing especially remarkable happened during this apart from some sensations. I felt overwhelmingly present and powerful but the scene remained the same and I did not feel the need to elaborate.

The Hermit (Self): Again, I did not feel inclined to channel any activity other than immerse myself in the sensations. I could feel the snow piercing through the leather clothes and my hands holding tight the used wooden staff. The cold wind is blowing violently and my hair are covered in snowflakes. Even though the temperature is deadly, a white wolf is asleep at my feet and the crystal in my hand is glowing, as if I am absorbing all nature’s trouble through it.


Richard Moult attributions: Desire – Lidagon (11), Mistress of Earth – Davcina (3), High Priestess – Mactoron (2).

Tarot Attributions: Desire (11), Mistress of Earth (3), The High Priestess (2)

Desire (Unconscious): Probably my favorite visualization of all. There is such an abundance of sensations when this meditation is performed correctly: The skin and the mane of the lion which is touched by the woman, the colored horizon which I imagined to be a sunrise in Egypt. There is also the droplets from the chalice which creates flowers and the reddish landscape all around. I could not help but to think about Baphomet – Mother Earth and how there is a cycle in things, a cosmic renewal. Those lands are sulfurous, barren and yet, this Rounwytha is spawning flowers from the water in the cup. She also managed to tame the lion, tame adversity which is a beautifully symbolic

Mistress of Earth (Eg0): Many thoughts about impartiality of nature, of how physis is beyond denotatum and that human beings, with their laws and creations cannot comprehend the cosmic mechanism which are imbued in nature. There is something beautifully ‘mingled’ about this visualization, as if both the sinister and the numinous come together perfectly in an alchemical way. Everything is permeated with both anguish and relief at the same time. All of this could be interpreted in a very dualistic fashion if desired but I do not believe this is what should be understood from this meditation.

High Priestess (Self): My attention was directed lengthily on the beauty of the priestess and her Hecatean tiara, of how she was sited and how the rocks must be rough on her knees and skin. Interestingly, when I was at the Cistercian monastery, I felt the presence of Mactoron and went in the forest to perform a dark pathway with my crystal tetrahedron. The whole environment along with the bells of the monastery and the chants of the monk felt very appropriate and I inwardly felt that Mactoron was a very mystical emanation, associated with colors such as purple and teal. I also felt it was a very benevolent and serene energy which was contrasting with other dark gods such as Shugara or Kthunae. The purple light emanating from the cavern made me think about all those moments at the monastery and I felt this benevolence and serenity once more.


Richard Moult attributions: Wyrd – Azanigin (10), The Sun – Velpecula (19), Aeon – Naos (20),

Tarot Attributions: Wyrd (10), The Sun (19), The Aeon (20)

Wyrd (Unconscious): I thought for a long while to the alchemical tree that Newton provided in his research. The one with the seven plus one branches that represent the acausal. I remembered that only by attaining a non-dualistic perspective can one discover Lapis Philosophicus. All the symbolism in this meditation seemed crystal clear to me. The Crystal Quartz Tetrahedron is the channeling factor of this acausal energy. The coiled serpent is the spiral, the cyclic nature of the cosmos and how everything is redistributed constantly. The glowing spheres thrown into water are a microcosmic mirror of the seven spheres that are floating as cosmic effluviums in the skies above us. There are three woman as to represent the alchemical Tria Prima, just like Hecate is a complete and non-dualistic manifestation. Personal wyrd is the offspring of all these things combined and this, in itself, is numinosity.

The Sun (Spirit): The Nine stones started to shine, while the robed figures dances nearby and then they started colliding together magically, forming a symbol similar to the nine angles sigil. The more the ritual grew in intensity, the more the figure in the mountains seemed to be absorbed by the sun which was also more intense every second. The visualization was so powerful that I started sweating, a cold sweat while picturing this Imp, watching the scene in the darkness. Then, the hooded figures transformed into sand and a sudden, strong wind started to blow. The Imp crawled back in the underworld.

The Aeon (Self): Changes and chaos are what I felt here. Everything was re-shaping itself around the two practitioners playing. The moon, the stars along with the burning city and the desolated ruins gave more to some otherworldly manifestations. Everything is in mutation but the two players remain serene and concentrated as if they knew all those changes they brought forward were inevitable. Or perhaps are they one being now, an androgynous and perfected evolutionary creature that is biologically beyond denotatum. The union of the muliebral and the masculous.

-Beldam, 128 yf


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    1. To be quite honest, I did not really enjoy performing them. They are very basic meditations and I did thousands of those back when I was in grouped meditations and Luciferian/Chaos Magick or simply Satanism.

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