The High Priestess Ritual (Mactoron)

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Beyond the Abyss: the crossing over and Initiation (in terms of awareness whilst still partaking of a causal existence) into the Lands of the Dark Immortals. A self-awareness that transcends temporal understanding – becoming the essence; beyond opposites.

When I was at the monastery, I would spend hours in the nearby orchard, which was kilometers long. To reach this Orchard, you had to go through a magnificent forest called ‘The Pilgrim’s Path’. My favorite part of this strange, sometimes eerie zone was a natural arch, between two trees, surrounded by flowers and leafs. When crossed, this hidden arch would lead you to a plain where you could walk a few miles up, slowly ascending in the mountains behind the monastary and having the entire country-side behind you. After a while, you could reach a very unusual forest where the trees were perfectly aligned and dropping some weird and brownish little spikes. The ground was a real carpet of those things and it gave the surroundings a trully ominous and witchy atmosphere. Even the dogs would avoid this area but sometimes they would join me for a few moments before running away playfully…

Every day, be they sunny or rainy, I would go there with my Crystal Quartz and Naos and would re-read for many hours certain MSS that I wanted to explore again and this is where I felt an inner connection to Mactoron, something so powerful and imminent that I associated the entire monastery to this ‘Dark’ God.

  • Crystal Quartz Tetrahedron

  • The Sinister Tradition Handbook.

Interestingly, my whole journey at the monastery was extremely transformative and ‘spiralistic’ in nature. I would even dare to say that even though, there was no ritual properly speaking, it was my most important moment of self-awareness, my most conscious transition. Mactoron is all about spirals, all about transformation and the awareness of a new consciousness, a new apprehension of the world.

Brother Jacques told me that he felt I came because I had understood my thesis and anti-thesis and now, I had come to understand that it was time for my synthesis…

I now understand how appropriately true his words were and I know I am bound to go back to the monastery in the future but more as an appreciation of this realization, as a desire to return to this calm and numinous realm. This is the sacred moment where I felt, I really authentically transcended denotatum and reached a perspective beyond opposites. I felt what I can only describe as a tumultuous stillness and serenity both within and without. Similarly to the archetype of Mactoron, I felt, in all this silence, that my mind altered to an hermaphrodite state, a more cosmic and alchemical way of seeing that is closer to the natural unfolding of Physis.

This ritual is the proof that life can be magic just because of certain moments, of certain presencing that do not necessarily requires an altar, an athame or a dogmatic recitation. Just like when I worked at the farm or hiked in the mountains or travelled in France…

David Myatt poems are also perfect representations of this, for he often writes and read while sitting on the top of a hill, watching birds singing and flying or watching the sunset after a long day of work in the fields. Such moments generate pure magical emanations and are perhaps the most important, the most transformative. They are indeed, wyrdful moments and a wyrdful life requires you to seek this peace, this beauty as often as possible, not only to be elevated but also to find love and joy and to share those moments with loved ones.

-Beldam 128 yf


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