The Snake is shedding it’s skin,

The Mad man is circling the Asylum.


Wyrd ever-changing,

Is ἔρως and Πόλεμος,

Colliding and suffusing,

Into λόγος.


But λόγος sometimes fails,

And Love is disturbed,

As if betaken by some unseen spell,

And so οὐσία is withering,

Because of δόξα, because of λόγος,

Because of the absurd…


ὕϐρις, ἔρις, harming Δίκη,

And when Δίκη no longer has eyes to see,

Sol & Luna through λόγος failure(s),

Once more divide,

From their alchemical romance.


For anything to unite properly,

Make an offering of milk and honey under a tree,

And chant relentlessly to Ἁρμονία and ἀρετή,

Only through such seeking,

Can ἔρως and Πόλεμος,

Dance again together in unification.


Once more restoring οὐσία,

Healing love,

Tempering ὕϐρις,

Tempering λόγος,

Realizing Wyrd.


For love is κόσμος

And κόσμος is θεός.


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