Lunae and Solis Exaltio

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Important Notice(s): This article could be seen as the part two of my previous article; The Seven Spheres & Alchemy. As noted already, it is essential that the reader goes through the MSS entitled: ‘The Hermetic Order of Nine Angles’ for a better understanding of what is discussed here.

Beyond the ever-growing opinions of the followers (young & old) of the ways of the Order of Nine Angles, what remains perfectly clear is that following this path can only lead to μεταμορφόω both esoterically and exoterically. It is my opinion – yet again – that many are stuck in the appeal of the transgressive, in the quick rewards of world versions. They overlook the essential which is, in reality, beyond what is so commonly termed ‘light & dark’ (Sinister – Numinous).

Strangely, the theoretical informations leading to a rational understanding of this μεταμορφόω is abundant in the corpus of the Order of Nine Angles but words written or spoken are unable to stabilize the authentic pillar of knowledge. This pillar can only be cemented by praxis. Whether you are following your heart and instinct or you proceed with orthodoxy does not matter. What is necessary is that you make the water boil and you plunge in it.

The Seven-Fold-Way, the Star Game & The slow fluctuation of the being toward wordlessness are innovative but inspired by ancient influences:

“The O9A septenary system does indeed represent an older – pre-Hebrewesque – and Hellenic and genuinely hermetic occult tradition is gradually becoming increasing known outside of O9A circles, partly due to articles such as Perusing The Seven Fold Way: Historical Origins Of The Septenary System Of The Order of Nine Angles, partly due to Myatt’s translations of the Pymander and Ιερός Λόγος tractates of the ancient Corpus Hermeticum {2} – in which physis and a septenary system are mentioned several times – and partly due to his notes on the fourth tractate (Ἑρμοῦ πρὸς Τάτ ὁ κρατῆρ ἡ μονάς) in which notes {3} he pointed out the use of a septenary system by John Dee as described in Theorem XVIII of Dee’s 1564 work Monas Hieroglyphica,”

-The Hermetic Order of Nine Angles.

It is obviously, possible to find exterior sources which supports such claims. A good example of this lies in the ‘Secret Book of Artephius’ where it is beautifully stated that:

“Now this our second and living water is called “Azoth”, the water washing the laton viz. the body compounded of sol and luna by our first water; it is also called the soul of the dissolved bodies, which souls we have even now tied together, for the use of the wise philosopher. How precious then, and how great a thing is this water; for without it, the work could never be done or perfected; it is also called the “vase naturae”, the belly, the womb, the receptacle of the tincture, the earth, the nurse. It is the royal fountain in which the king and queen bathe themselves; and the mother must be put into and sealed up within the belly of her infant; and that is sol himself, who proceeded from her, and whom she brought forth; and therefore they have loved one another as mother and son, and are conjoined together, because they come from one and the same root, and are of the same substance and nature.”

-The Secret Book of Artephius

How more evident does it need to be? Lapis Philosophicus is within, we have all the necessary ingredients and by following a genuine spiritual path which is conform to our own φύσις, our own Άνοδος we can make Sol & Luna interwine, thus achieving a state of understanding closer to what is described in the Corpus Hermeticum (Ogdoadic Physis). That is, developing a way of apprehension of the world, of life and of the Cosmos that is more and more A-causal in nature, more genuinely esoteric and empathic.

“In the Pymander text, beyond the seven spheres of the anados there is the realm of ‘the ogdoadic physis’ – with particular forces and powers – and, beyond that, another realm; both described in relation to theos. As Myatt explains in his commentary on the Pymander text – in reference to section 26 and the Greek word δύναμις – these are quite distinct from the seven spheres: “δύναμις. Those forces, those particular powers – or, more precisely, that type (or those types) of being(s) or existence – that are not only beyond the septenary system but beyond the ogdoadic physis of those mortals who have, because of their journey (ἄνοδος) through the septenary system, achieved immortality. It is therefore easy to understand why some considered there were, or represented their understanding/insight by, ‘nine’ (seven plus two) fundamental cosmic emanations, or by nine realms or spheres – qv. the quote from Cicero {10} – the seven of the hebdomad, plus the one of the ‘ogdoadic physis’ mentioned here, plus the one (also mentioned here) of what is beyond even this ‘ogdoadic physis’.”

The Hermetic Order of Nine Angles.

Another common misconception about the final stage is that the practitioner achieves a state of self-deification and becomes a living god much like what is desired in modern Satanism. If you refer yourself to the Corpus Hermeticum, you can see that the transition toward the acausal is far more mystical and that there is no false promises but rather, a reuniting with Theos:

“According to the hermetic weltanschauung, as outlined by Poemandres here, all physis – the being, nature, character, of beings – their essence beyond the form/appearance their being is or assumes or is perceived as – re-presents (manifests, is an eikon of) theos. That is, the physis of beings can be considered not only as an emanation of theos but as re-presenting his Being, his essence. To recognize this, to recognize theos, to be in communion with theos, to return to theos, and thus become immortal, there is the way up (anados) through the seven spheres.”

The Hermetic Order of Nine Angles.

This getting closer to Theos through the Seven-Fold-Way should bring about a perspective detached from world versions, a perspective similar to the Numinous Way of David Myatt or the silent and natural way of the Rounwytha where the masculous and the muliebral have been understood as a separation of the undivided that can be restored to one single element. Seeing beyond words and seeking ἀρετή, one can only become conscious of the underlying unity of the κόσμος.

“A twofold worke doth make, but such a worke as doth admit division none at all”

-D.D. W. Bedman


Furthermore, this interaction between Sol & Luna are also essential to understand how the Star Game can be used to approach a new and more symbolical way to think. What is fascinating about this symbolical way to think is that you start projecting yourself consciously as a genuinely transformative being in the Aeonic and alchemical sense. Another way of formulating would be that you are consciously playing with causal transformations (Salt, Mercury, Sulphur) and while doing so, generating acausal alchemical alterations (Ego, Self, Spirit). According to the Monas Hieroglyphica of John Dee, the three elements join together when you have achieved Lapis Philosophicus (Lunae and Solis exaltio).


Here is a very interesting description of how those changes might be felt inwardly for the practitioner:

5“In the development of an individual as an individual develops naturally (i.e. without the aid of esoteric Arts) the ‘ego’ stage lasts from youth to middle-age: there is a need to establish an outward ‘role’ (in society/clan etc.), to find a ‘mate’ and propagate and to care for the physical/material needs/pleasures.

6The ‘self’ is the ‘stage’ beyond this – when there is an apprehension (often only intuitive outside of magick) of (a) the wyrd of the individual and (b) the separate existence of other individuals as those individuals are in themselves. Put simply, (b) involves a degree of ’empathy’. In the natural state, the self may evolve in ‘middle age’ or before – and often arises as a consequence of formative experiences (e.g. experience of war; personal loss; tragedy). In the natural state (because the unconscious has not been properly experienced and integrated) there is almost always a conflict with the ‘ego’ desires/pressures so that the insight, given by the self, is sometimes lost by the individual who returns to an ‘ego’ existence.

7The ‘wisdom’ of ‘old age’ is the gradual resolution of this conflict in favour of the self. In the past, the striving of an individual psyche for self-hood was often represented by myths and legends. Another term for ‘self-hood’ (the living of the role of the self- where the perception of ‘Time’ differs from that of the ‘ego’) is ‘individuation’. Esoterically, self- hood/individuation is Adeptship – but Adeptship implies much more than ‘individuation . It implies a conscious, rational understanding of one’s self and that of others as well as skill/mastery of esoteric Arts and techniques. It also implies a ‘cosmic Aeonic perspective’ to the Wyrd and the self. Individuation may be seen as a natural stage, achieved by the natural process of living (for some, at least) whereas Adeptship is a goal attained by following an esoteric Way; that is, which results from Initiation into the mysteries. As such, Adeptship contains individuation, but is greater than it.

DeeHieroglyph.gifAlso, individuation is itself only a stage: there are stages beyond even this: it is not the end of personal development […] Beyond, lies the ordeal of the Abyss and the birth of the O9A Master/Mistress – beyond them lies Immortality. Expressed simply, the ‘ego’ has no perception of acausal ‘time’ – but is unconsciously affected by acausal energies; the ‘self has some perception of acausal ‘time’ and is less affected by acausal energies. The Adept has learnt to control the personal acausal energies of the psyche (external/internal magick) – there still remains, however, ‘Aeonic’ energies which affect even the self. Control/mastery of these takes
the individual beyond the Abyss.”

-The Hermetic Order of Nine Angles.

All the informations are out there, written already. I am only here to attest to their veracity through my own experiences and interpretations.

Here, a fabulous conclusion for this chapter:

While the seven-fold way is clearly a modern anados which enshrines the ancient hermetic and rather mystical tradition of an individual seeking to attain immorality, it is also, and importantly, different. For it is a practical and a decidedly occult anados, a means of individual transformation and learning, involving as it does the use of sorcery; ordeals such as the grade ritual of internal adept where the candidate has to live alone in wilderness isolation for around three months; and a guided – an initiatory – exploration of the supernatural realms (or archetypal realms, depending on one’s
perspective) part of which involves working with Tarot images and evoking ‘supernatural’ (or archetypal) forms termed ‘the dark gods’. There is therefore, as a study of Naos makes clear, a melding of ancient traditions – occult, alchemical, hermetic, mystical – with newer esoteric, occult, techniques such as The Star Game and Esoteric Chant.

The Hermetic Order of Nine Angles.

-Beldam, 128 yf


6 thoughts on “Lunae and Solis Exaltio

  1. The conception of a seven-planet emanation system is present even in non-Qliphothic strains of Jewish magick. So yes, its legitimacy is not in question. After comparing the sphereworking experiences of Yorkshire Rounwytha and Von Sangetall to my own notes on the Qliphoth (as well as Asenath Mason’s), it has become clear that the planets bestow roughly the same changes regardless of which schema (ToW, Sitra Ahra, etc) is used to invoke them. This implies a disadvantage of the ToW, in that there is no way to work with the spheres of the Primum Mobile, Uranus, the Black Sun, Neptune-Pluto, etc.

    It might interest you to know that there is an RHP magickal grimoire which performs initiatory pathworkings through the sevenfold planetary forces based on the Greek pantheon: Practical Planetary Magic by David Rankine & Sorita d’Este.

    After reading, in Dragon Rouge’s treatise on the Qlipha known as Thagirion (Belphagore/Black Sun), that the black magickians of their lodge initiate themselves through the sphere of Sol on the Sephiroth because the Qliphoth had the Black Sun instead, which sphere they self-initiated into as well, I knew I had to initiate myself through the sphere of Sol independent of any schema– like d’Este and Rankine would. Except I called on the demons attributed to Sol in the Jewish septenary system (the Qliphothic and non-Qliphothic planetary attributes of the demons should not be confused with one another). I did it with a partner, and we honest-to-god changed the weather in doing so. It was awesome.

    TL;DR: All the evidence backs the legitimacy of the 7FW.

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    1. “It might interest you to know that there is an RHP magickal grimoire which performs initiatory pathworkings through the sevenfold planetary forces based on the Greek pantheon”

      I am not surprised by this at all and I find it indeed very interesting. I can see why the O9A is adamant about defending a ‘western’ pagan tradition though since it is often assumed by occultists and scholars that everything related to the esoteric comes from the east which I am absolutely certain is a complete fallacy. I for one, feel much more closer to a rural and ‘European’ kind of witchcraft or even Hellenistic which is far more attuned to my own weltanschauung.

      Thank you for stopping by friend and thank you for your in-depth response. I will definitively look up David Rankine and Sorita d’Este.

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    2. It seems that at least some non-ONA occultists are finally coming round to the ONA view re the ancient origin of some kind of 7FW.

      The points that the ONA having been making for decades re the Jewish qabalah are (i) that it is much later – almost a thousand years later – than the Hellenistic pagan tradition, and even later than Arabic/Persian alchemy, and (ii) that hitherto most if not all non-ONA occultists dogmatically believed that Western occultism is inseparable from the Jewish qabalah and that the ONA insistence of a different, separate, non-Judaic occult tradition is just something “the ONA made up”.

      The fact of the matter is that Jewish ten fold qabalah is a much much later embellishment of the pagan, Hellenistic, septenary. But to most non-ONA occultists this fact really does still seem to heresy.

      It’s the same dogmatic attitude – of Judaic influence being paramount – that makes people regard texts such as the Corpus Hermeticum as being influenced by the Jewish Old Testament when in truth the opposite could be true: of the OT being influenced by Greek and Hellenic mysticism and cosmogony since the actual physical evidence (papyri fragments) support the fact that the Greek texts are older. The claim that the Hebrew Tanakh for instance was written centuries before the Greek Septuagint is just an unsubstantiated claim.

      Likewise with the dogmatic claim of ancient Egyptian ideas being the source of Hellenistic gnosticism and of many of the ideas in the Corpus Hermeticum, and so on. Actual textual evidence for this claim doesn’t exist. In fact, what does exist proves the contrary.

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  2. Sorry for my delayed response and thank you for your compliment.

    What you are describing in relation to the ancient Hellenic Paganus would not surprise me at all. In fact, studies of the oldest signs of human tribalism show that they already had a basic spiritual inclination since they were burying their dead(s) and leaving offerings.

    As for Greek writers, mainly Plato, it is often said that through his lexicon, he brought all the necessary ingredients for Christianity to flourish but there is no doubt in my mind that their existed countless cults of worship throughout the world that predated The Hebrews.

    Two things are often forgotten when it comes to the Jews:

    1- Education (reading, writing) always was an extremely important part of their culture. Probably even more so than many others.

    2- They travelled throughout the world, bringing their culture with them.

    Those two factors alone are very important since the transmission of certain texts, research, faith (…) was most likely very frequent between Jews and their hosts.

    I must also add that your level of knowledge is very impressive. I hope I will have the honor of a passionate conversation with you regarding certain topics.

    Best Wishes!

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