“The priority of this journal, beyond authenticity and self-discovery has always been about reminding myself and others about the limits and dangers of language, about the dangers of abstractions and how hubris is and always has been, the main problem when it comes to humanity. It is also about the strikingly beautiful ‘Numinous Way’ or ‘The way of Pathei Mathos’ of David Myatt which I consider to be the state closest to the culmination of any spiritual path (Lapis Philosophicus).

My researches led me to make several things collide together in unity, perhaps naturally or as part of an artificial aspect of my very own ἄνοδος/Weltanschauung. Vivid examples of this could be the connection between the Numinous Way and the Rounwytha Way, about the apolitical wordlessness of the Numinous Way and how Lapis Philosophicus lies beyond denotatum, about how certain concepts which are part of the Order of Nine Angles…

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