The Opfer Ritual (Vindex)


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Entrance/transition to the Lands of the Dark Immortals. The individual becoming that which s/he created – a transferral of consciousness to the acausal to be in essence part of the greater Wyrd. A reverberation across Aeons of the causal act of an individual, gradually leaving the essence behind behind the appearance to haunt the psyches of others. The altering of the astral shell; that which ultimately cannot and need not be described. The deliberate removal of that which is detrimental to Wyrd.

This is the first time that I complete a pathway without any preparations beforehand. Interestingly, this does not feel strange or out of place at all. Sometimes, we are simply pushed by the current and life shares with us all that is necessary for inner growth. What did feel out of place on the other hand, was writing this article as I did not have much desire for it at all and so I am sorry if it is not as eloquent as before. It seems now that everything that is of interest to me at this moment in my existence is practicality. I am less and less interested by the sempiternal mechanism(s) of the intellect and by the torsions of philosophy. Even Rituals and Meditations are somewhat artificial since I see my very own life and path as the greatest and most wyrdful ritual of all.

I noticed that I am now more drawn toward silence and contemplation. I appreciate the stillness of the mind while picking up or studying herbs in the fields or while I perfect my movements and my stances during martial art sessions. There are still so many crafts that I want to explore and perhaps, master for my own development. It seems that books and candles have -for now- played their purpose and I desire to drift toward other mediums. In a way, meditation, rituals and tarot readings are a way for me to remain aware of what was, what is and what shall be. They help me put things into perspective and progress ever forward toward my goals.

This is exactly what I have been doing this evening: reflecting upon my experiences since the beginning of the summer and becoming aware of how much they changed me already.

Sacred Tools:

  • 20 lbs Extra Weights
  • Crystal Quartz Tetrahedron
  • Backpack

Me and a crew of companions drew for over five hours to reach the ‘High Gorges’ In ‘Malbaie’. We left early during the night and reached destination in the morning. The first day was spent relaxing, watching what would be the ascension of tomorrow. The mountains surrounding us were majestic and the air was pure and a river was flowing nearby. Even though, we were well equipped, the temperature dropped under what we expected and we all froze badly during the night but we managed to pull through.

The first rays of the sun were greeted with both relief and despair: We were warmer but we knew it was time to prepare for the ascension. 800m altitude, 10km and a trail rated ‘Very Difficult’. This is what we had to accomplish in order to reach what is described as one of the most stunning sight in the whole province of Quebec. As is usual, I hiked the whole thing with 20 extra pounds to prepare myself for the next 26 miles walk that I will be attempting at the end of the summer. It was of dire importance for me to follow my rhythm and focus on my capabilities. Immediately when we started, I left my crew behind and pushed forward. Three hours later, I was the first to arrive at the summit and enjoy the view. Quite honestly, there is nothing that compares to it as the clouds look like they are closer than ever. There is this bed of mountains on the horizon that makes it look like the earth is flat and the wind is powerful yet cleansing. There, I got my Crystal Quartz out of my pack and meditated with my eyes wide open. I wanted this sight to crystallize itself inside of me and never forget one second of it. It took two more hours to go down and when we reached the little cabin-restaurant, I was exhausted but strangely, not so much physically. It was as if I felt energized and fatigued all at once because there was too much things to process at the same time…

After eating and resting a little bit, we drove all the way back home. In just two days, we accomplished something that would haunt our mind for the rest of our life and impact in ways we will perhaps never fully understand. We did a very authentic tarot spread and then went our separate ways as is usual for the beginning of the summer.

Following this cleansing, many personal events manifested which could have changed my existence in a significant way. Certain relationships were questioned, some projects (professional in nature) resurfaced and it felt like my stay in the mountains allowed me to approach all of this with complete serenity and honesty.

This is why I have chosen the ‘Opfer’, mainly because of the following:

The individual becoming that which s/he created – a transferral of consciousness to the acausal to be in essence part of the greater Wyrd. The altering of the astral shell; that which ultimately cannot and need not be described. The deliberate removal of that which is detrimental to Wyrd.

There is indeed a litteral sense to this sentence which is associated with causal death and acausal journeying but I also believe that our short, earthly existence could be described as a fluctuating process with many layers. There are certain key moments that transform us completely, like a serpent shedding his skin and these moments so vivid that I truly believe that they affect our acausal shell…

Since a few years, I feel like my perspective widened itself tremendously since I was able to resign from a plethora of abstractions but I still felt that I was not ready for pathways such as: ‘Atazoth’ or ‘Aeon’ for my perspective is still far from being ‘Aeonics conscious’. That being said, I live for those wyrdful moments that are so deeply beautiful and glorious that is seems the entire cosmos is frozen for a second and everything falls into place. Only then do you really have access to a glimpse of fulfilled destiny and revealed occult mysteries.

It would thus be incorrect to talk of thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis but I still feel that the Opfer represents a midway for me. Never in my life, have I been so aware of what I want to achieve and how to do it, what attracts me and what does not. I have been watching my mind and heart mutate for years through magical practices and πάθει μάθος and what I can say is that the broader the perspective, the more pushed toward silence the practitioner is. It is indeed incorrect of us to try and harness everything and affect them the way we want them to be affected. The κόσμος does not function in such a way.

There should rather be a gentle taking part in, a letting go of all that is unnecessary. The Rountywha does not avoid argumentation or intellectual confrontation or does not seek silence and contemplation out of weakness or cowardice. The authentic and occult conversation resides within and this conversation can be expressed in an esoteric (wyrdful life) and exoteric fashion (rituals, aural tradition, chanting). This ‘contact’ with φύσις itself cannot be explained, it cannot be cemented as an absolute by a philosophical treaty and you can’t convince someone that has not experienced such beauty before. It is something that is personal and part of the  ἄνοδος of every practitioner.

What is truly magical on the other hand, is being able to see and share this magic with loved ones. For that, there is and shall never be any replacement.

-Beldam 129 yf



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