Time passes by,

Unaware as to why,

We live,

We age,

And then we die.


Just like the moon,

Graciously sails toward crimson skies,

So do we,

Journey wyrdfully,

Until the colors in our eyes,

Are extinguished delicately,

Like the flame of a candle would be.


We then ascend peacefully,

Experiencing once more through memory,

All the Smiles,

The Kisses,

The Joy,

The Vows…


There is also the shivering of the leaves in the oak trees,

And a flock of birds flying ever forward,

Toward an horizon so exalted in colors,

That the sea below is no longer so,

And the sun, thrones vividly,

Amidst an infinite veil of glowing stars.

And there are those treasures,

Buried deep within the confines of the mind

Remembered once more…


Your soft, pristine hands,

That I held for hours,

The sound of your voice,

Crystalline and yet so elegant.

Or those walks in the ancients woodlands,

Where we embraced,

Until shooting stars suffused high above…



Our lack of control,

Should be our greatest reason for humility.


And power we have very little,

If only the faculty to choose,

To live for love,

For what is fair and pure,


Until the abyss is crossed,

And immortality embraced,

Through Cosmic awareness.


With all that is numinous,

Past, present, future,

United forever in the center,

Of the Spiral.









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