Points of Consideration

numinous way


Important Notice(s):  The ensemble of my philosophy was always very Myattian in essence. It was also heavily inspired by analytical philosophers such as Wittgenstein & Nelson Goodman along with several other mystics I had the opportunity to meet over the years but what changed me the most on a personal level was the post 2012 writings & poetry of David Myatt. Whether Myatt is or isn’t Anton Long is irrelevant to what the Order of Nine Angles has or doesn’t have to offer to a practitioner. Such a knowledge would only be a matter of form, not of essence because what truly matters deep down is what each individuals find for themselves. Thus, it will not be surprising that those fallible points that I live by are greatly similar to what is described in the Philosophy of Pathei Mathos. I am always reluctant to structure my life in written ‘points’ because it implies a certain limitedness and it is easy to commit logical fallacies but I felt like I had to write this, considering the recent events. You can read the Press Release of David Myatt here:


1-I reject all Political Forms as Abstractions and thus consider myself Apolitical. My very own Pathei-Mathos and journey has led me to believe that the solution is not political and that politics are meant to create a “Separation of Otherness” which in turn, causes unnecessary sufferings.

2- I reject all Religious Forms as Abstractions and thus consider myself a Seeker and nothing more. My very own Pathei-Mathos and journey has led me to study many aspects of Religion(s) but it is my belief that they do not adequately presence the Numinous and often corrupt more than they reveal.

3- I reject all Ideologies as Abstractions and thus consider myself without Aeonic Ideals. My very own Pathei-Mathos and journey has led me to study the Philosophy of Language at University which – along with the Post 2012 writings of David Myatt – led me to certain personal conclusions about the nature human language and our propensity for manufacturing abstractions. None of such abstractions ever allow us to understand reality or the cosmos in a satisfactory fashion.

4- The preferred mode of existence that I seek and try to manifest for myself is very comparable to the Rounwytha Way presented in the Order of Nine Angles. That is, a peaceful rural life in “propria persona”, surrounded by family, loved ones and nature where simplicity and aural traditions prevail.

5- Somnium Scipionis by Cicero revealed to me that – The dreams of grandeur(s) that men entertain are vain and selfish attempts at placing themselves above others. I hold no such desires and I hope that my legacy is remembered only by my loved ones before I return to the earth. I thus reject abstractions such as Vindex, the Galactic Imperium & the Code of Kindred Honour which creates a Separation of Otherness and posit certain individuals as superior compared to others.

6- Nothing of what I have attempted to bring about, share, inspire or transmit to others is new. It has all been discovered, discussed and pontificated about thousands of years ago. I am thus not original, special, superior or different in any regards. I was simply inspired by the ideas and attempts of others, primarily David Myatt which tragic journey opened my eyes to what is truly important in life.

7- No one should be judged according to an abstractive measure. Everyone should be judged and wordlessly known in the immediacy of the moment. Such a knowing is provided by temperance and empathy and reveals who is motivated honorably and who isn’t. While not perfect, such a knowing is still far superior to the generalization and separation of otherness that Politics & Religions provide.

8- Wu-Wei should be observed in all things. One should know when it is time to heal and when it is time to cull. Such a knowing is provided by discipline and empathy and should be applied in every spheres of our existence. It is required in all things: Taking care of a garden, of a sick animal, of a toxic relationship (…)

9- The pillars of existence and the most important elements of life are as follow in no particular order: Love, Loyalty, Honor, Temperance, Compassion, Family, Friends and Empathy (…) Do not let any abstractions convince you otherwise and do not let the words limit your wordless understanding of such things. The words do not matter; it is what they imply that does.

10- I firmly believe that one can go explore the deepest corners of hell if it means harvesting a better understanding of who they are. Howerver, that quest should never ever trample the right of others to get to know themselves at their own pace and how they see fit.

11- Men are fallible beings that are still somewhat ignorant of the meaningless role that they play in the grandeur of the Cosmos. In the light of such a consideration, I take myself with very little seriousness and seek only to become better and inspire others to attempt to do the same thing via multiple different mediums: Occultism, Meditation, Martial Arts, Creativity, Spirituality (…)

12- The Order of Nine Angles is an abstraction like any other. It is a causal form that changes, evolves and adapts depending on how you internalize it. It can produce mystical individuals or terrible individuals like any other abstraction. What makes it special and interesting is that it is “self-aware” of its abstractive nature and it is filled with traps (Labyrinthos Mythologicus). One such trap for example is the false dichotomy Sinister-Numinous which still prevails in the heart of most practitioners. Causal forms are meant to serves as tools for a time and then be transcended. The two individuals who went the furthest on the path are both living in reclusion now, focusing on love and family, disinterested completely by abstractions of any sort.

13- There is no secret to access or extract out of what the human mind can produce. Only illusions and false world versions that corrupt the essence of things which empathy can somewhat tap into. The most beautiful things are inaccessible by words and can only be felt and experienced in a volatile fashion.

14- The Occult & Spirituality as a whole is often dependent on abstractions to fuel itself such as our natural inclination to name certain seasons after gods and goddesses for example. The Rounwytha Way is interesting because it offers a wordless alternative that is still appreciative of the acausal powers that seems to rule and influence us. Occultism & Spirituality can be practiced and developed in many different avenues that do not require the intervention of abstractions and language. That is precisely part of the process itself. The practitioner will and should come to certain conclusions about the nature of reality and what is and is not necessary over the course of his journey.

15- Respect others, for their species of time is different than yours. Do not seek to forcibly show or share something with someone that is not receptive. There are enough information’s in a lifetime for someone to come to their own conclusions.


2 thoughts on “Points of Consideration

  1. You have come further in a few short years than it seems some do across 2 decades… I look forward to your final instalment in print form and wish you the best as I suppose you will eventually vanish from the internet, as is the natural process. I just wanted to leave this comment, genuinely thanking you for all that you have contributed.

    The future is unwritten…


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