Thurhfaran & Meterwyrtha

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I am aware that I hinted at walking away for good in previous articles. The philosophical journeying that imbued my esoteric path is something that is part of who I am, something that will always move and crackle, seeking to take a specific form. I am also aware that such thoughts, such investigations will always manifest themselves in one way or another but my heart tells me that I have accomplished what I needed to accomplish on such front, at least for now. I have no other ways to express and share what I wanted to express and I long to venture toward some other projects that have been put aside for too long.

Complementary to ‘An Unfolding of Physis’, I present to you my final wordings concerning my humble and most likely underwhelming conclusions after over a decade of honest and authentic esoteric peregrinations. Conclusions because, from this day on, there will be very little attention spent on the form of things, on the language, on the denotatum. And so in a way, we could say that this second decade of esoteric journeying will have the aroma of practicality, of artful pursuits, of the wordless martial training, of the wyrdful traveling. Such things, I will keep on sharing with you in one way or another as my heart sees fit. Apart from that, there will no longer be a distortion of the essence of things via the weak intermediary of language. This is my final stand against manufactured abstractions and my final invitation for individuals to live an exeatic life and find whatever it is that they ultimately find by following their heart and learning from adversity.

Here is Thurhfaran, a booklet of about 115 pages to go along with my poetry compilation, Meterwyrtha. Thurhfaran will be available in two identical versions albeit for the cover. One edition ‘Numinous’, the other ‘Sinister’. Both Thurhfaran and Meterwyrtha will release the exact same day as soon as the pandemic restrictions are removed and I am able to order a proof read. I put my heart in this final chapter and it is my hope that it will meet your expectations.


One thought on “Thurhfaran & Meterwyrtha

  1. Please can you provide a text on Atazoth? There’s no much information about the subject, so If you could talk about it… It would help me a lot 😀


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