To Go Beyond

The pillars of existence and the most important elements of life are as follow in no particular order: Love, Loyalty, Honor, Temperance, Compassion, Family, Friends and Empathy (…) Do not let any abstractions convince you otherwise and do not let the words limit your wordless understanding of such things. The words do not matter; it is what they imply that does.– Points of Considerations

Thurhfaran: From old Anglo-Saxon – to go over, to go beyond, to traverse to transcend, to pass beyond…

With my two books right about to be published, this shall officially be my final post on this WordPress albeit perhaps the release announcement for Thurhfaran and Meterwyrtha. My personal journey has revealed to me that Love, Compassion, Fairness, Tolerance, Empathy, Friendship and Family are the true measure of our humanity as David Myatt ultimately concluded in his Philosophy of Pathei-Mathos. I want to walk away for good from all abstractions, especially the ones that seems to have a propensity to cause sufferings to others and to force an idea into form, regardless of the consequences. After being attached to such abstractions for over a decade, be they political, spiritual or occult in nature my heart has been telling me since the release of ‘An Unfolding of Physis’ that it was time to walk away. What concerns me now is transforming my life into a living ritual, a work of art, a poem that will bring me to tears in my golden age because of how beautiful and authentic it is. I want to do and share this with the individuals that I love and hold dear because exeatic moments are much more so when they are shared and reflected in the eyes of our loved ones.

“Thus it is that I find, through and because of such a recalling, that what I value now, what I feel and sense is most important, is a direct, personal, mutual love between two human beings – and that such love is far far more important, more real, more human, than any abstraction, than any idealism, than any so-called duty, than any dogma, than any cause, however “idealistic”; more important – far more important – than any ideology, than any and all -isms and -ologies be such -isms and such -ologies understood conventionally as political, or religious or social. For it is the desire to love, to be loved – and the desire to cease to cause suffering – which are important, which should be our priority, and which are the true measure of our own humanity.”

-David Myatt

My peregrinations in the occult brought me a tremendous amount of magic. It allowed me to dissipate most of my fears. To get acquinted with who I really am deep within. It pushed me toward new intellectual and physical heights. It forced me to explore opposites and see past them in a way I would have never imagined. It showed to me the limitations of human-made worlds and language. It allowed me to meet incredibly inspiring individuals that had a hand in shaping me into who I am now. It made me go through anguish and bliss while exploring via meditations and rituals many layers of my subconscious and creative mind. It got me closer to nature during my years long insight role at the farm. It showed me the unecessary suffering caused by political extremism and faith-like religious adherence. It pushed me to travel and come face to face with my own limitations and capacities and it fueled my determination in training as a martial artist. All these experiences, I owed to myself but also partially to my association with the various occult, esoteric and spiritual movements that I explored in the last decade.

Now things have changed. They became simpler, more serene as I have so often previously observed in my recent articles. No longer is there a need to convince, to forcibly alter others, to pontificate about certain topics in order to influence. All I am looking for is the experience itself. Life. I want to travel the world, to perfect my martial arts, to experience once more the undescribable powers of love, to create powerful and rewarding friendships, to seek to be a good person in all that it entails and to see and feel as much as I can before the hourglass is empty.

My final conclusions about spirituality and esotericism are completley correlative with what David Myatt has brought forward in his Philosophy of Pathei-Mathos and what has been so graciously worded by a mystical painter in the past:

“As I see things, beyond all the labels, the seeking of experiences,
the grasping of and for “knowledge”, there is only the potential of
quiet, numinous presencings, brought wyrdfully, and for the most part, out of our control.”


What T.S. Eliot has expressed in his poem Little Gidding fills my heart completely as a descriptor for what I feel is the very essence of an esoteric journey which is a spiral, a coming back to the same place, the same concept but changed.

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

Thank you all for the partaking, the sharing, the inspiring connexions, the insights and the undying support. What trully matters at the end of it all are the friendships made, the travelling together, the philosophical and mystical investigations and this sublime desire to grow, to become better persons, to surpass ourselves from what we previously were and to get to know who we are sans all illusions and abstractions and what is our role, however small, on this small spec of dust that floats in an eternal sea of stars.


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