Thurhfaran & Meterwyrtha Are Live

It is with great joy that I finally announce the release of my two books: Thurhfaran & Meterwyrhta on Amazon.

Meterwyrtha is a compilation of my poetry that I accumulated over the years. The great majority are in english but the final segments are in french.

Thurhfaran is, in a way, the final chapter to my previous book: “An Unfolding of Physis”. Rather than being focused on the Occult as a whole, it is a more personal account of my discoveries during my (still ongoing) esoteric journey. The book is sold in two versions: One Sinister & One Numinous.

It is my hope that those two releases will compare in terms of quality to “An Unfolding of Physis” and “Hazelgate” and will lead more individuals toward the Philosophy of Pathei-Mathos of David Myatt.

Again, thank you all for everything and do not hesitate to review the books on Amazon and let me know what your thoughts were.

Thurhfaran Sinister Version

Thurhfaran Numinous Version



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