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οὐκ οἶδ᾽ ἐφ᾽ οἷς γὰρ μὴ φρονῶ σιγᾶν φιλῶ

Hazelgate & Physis Going Live



After about Four Years, Hazelgate is finally going live on Amazon in about three days. It is currently pending approbation from Amazon KDP and I received/inspected the Proofread which was of excellent quality. I want to remind everyone that the book is a FRENCH horror novel inspired primarily by certain elements of traditional witchcraft, the O9A and the Blair Witch Project Mythos.

You will all be informed in the upcoming days when the book will be officially purchasable via The second edition of ‘An Unfolding of Physis’ is also underway and will be purchasable once again in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you all for your support, the end is near.


Available Now: AN UNFOLDING OF PHYSIS (DeathNex004)


“The writings of the individuals surrounding the mythos of the O.N.A. are indivisible from the required syllabus of any would-be practitioner of the Sinister-Numinous Tradition. It is important especially in the faculty to apply exegesis to outside sources, in an attempt to purloin genuine wisdom from experience, and insight from the naturally multifarious shades of the world surrounding. While no allegations are made in any way to conflate the identities of relevant voices regarding the culture of the O.N.A. and its many layers of labyrintian influence, including those voices which prefigure it, author Beldam focuses intensely on the writings of David Myatt and the Numinous Way, so-seeking in the relevant despite periphery, yet undoubtedly influential realm.

Deathwave Nexion has long held the private belief that independent of any accusatory relationship to this or that esoteric order, the writings of David Myatt hold collegiate levels of scholastic merit, and unfortunately, due to some opinions surrounding “who may be who,” that such value has been either willfully ignored or sadly overlooked. Whichever the case, the Sinistranaut elected for such a duty by perhaps Wyrd itself has proven its veracity in the identity of Beldam, a real practitioner of the Rounwytha Tradition which bares a curious reflexion to that of the Numinous Way.

In order to explore these subjects in-depth, Beldam open chapter upon chapter regarding real, professional analyses covering such figures as Myatt, The Numinous Way, the Rounwytha, and most importantly, where these movements and these philosophies are directing himself, and perhaps humanity also, as such convergent principles integrate into a returning physis.”

Description from Amazon:

“This volume applies a rigorous exegesis to the writings of David Myatt by a real practitioner of the Sinister-Numinous Tradition. Given higher credibility than the average scholar with respect to first-hand experience, Beldam separates function from mythos, and wisdom from mystification in this highly anticipated omnibus. Complete with an individuated analysis of ritual application also serving as a grimoire, this volume is a non-negotiable addition to the library of any person so seeking the hard reality of the Order of Nine Angles.”

Introduction written by Von Sanngetall

Edited by Erica Frevel

Amazon link to purchase:


Everything is Dark, Deep, Still & Ever.

David Myatt

Learning From Adversity; A Rejection of Extremism